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Electrical Stunning
Form of stunning that may cause bone breakage and ecchymosis (bruising).
This by-product is damaged when the larvae of (Hypoderma Lineatum and Hypoderma Bovis) - (heel fly/ox warble) are present.
Ovine Intestines
Oesophagostomum Columbianum (Nodular disease) affects this item in sheep.
Liver Abscesses
Corynebacterium Pyogenes & Sperophorus Necrophorus cause _______ in beef.
Injection Site Lesions
Producer-related problem caused by giving shots in the muscle of the animal.
Suffocation in Sheep
Packer-related problem related to long-fleeced sheep.
Tapeworm Cysts/ "Measles"
Common name for Cysticercosis Beef "measles" -- Cysticercus Bovis Lamb "measles" -- Cysticercus Ovis Pork "measles" -- Cysticercus Cellulosae
Festival that requires that Jews avoid leavened grains and foods manufactured from them.
Fasted 24 hours before slaughter
Performed before slaughter, makes evisceration easier and minimized migration of bacteria from G.I. tract into meat.
Livestock should be handled before slaughter so that they are free of pain and free of ________?
Onset Phase
Phase of rigor mortis when stores of ATP and Creatine Phosphate are used up and muscle loses extensibility.
Delay Phase
Phase of rigor mortis when there is plenty of ATP in the muscle (complexed with Mg++), the muscle will remain in the relaxed state and no cross bridges between the thick and thin myofilaments will occur.
Phase of rigor mortis when all of the Creatine Phosphate is gone, the muscle has no way of regenerating ATP. Thus, full rigor mortis will set in.
Motor End Plate
Location on muscle where the action potential causes the release of packets or quanta of acetyl choline into the synaptic clefts.
Thick Filament
This myofilament is made up primarily of Myosin.
Thin Filament
This myofilament is made up primarily of Actin.
Connective tissue that surrounds entire muscle
Connective tissue that surrounds a muscle bundle.
Connective tissue that surrounds the muscle fiber
Humane Methods of Slaughter Act of 1978
What do these statements describe? *Extends and sets forth humane handling and stunning practices and procedures. *Disabled animals cannot be dragged unless they are stunned * Animals must have access to water in all holding pens and if held for more than 24 hours, must have access to fe…
Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical
Three types of approved stunning
Horizontal Sticking
A method of sticking that reduces the stun-to-stick interval, reduces PSE, and reduces bruising.
Sciatic Nerve
Nerve located in the middle of the gluteus medius.
Pork Livers
Ascarids (Ascaris Lumbricoides) is roundworm damage in _________?
A common name for Pasciola Hepatica.
Fiery Fat
Caused by short-term violent excitement ruptures capillaries in fat and muscles.
The study of the muscles and their accessory structures.
Three kinds of muscles
Scientific name for Seam fat (between muscles) 2nd deposited
Scientific name for Internal fat (KPH) 1st deposited
Scientific name for External Fat (just under skin) 3rd deposited
Scientific name for Marbling, last deposited fat
Atlas Joint
Term used for the junction between the atlas vertebra and occipital condyles where head removal occurs.
Type I
______ fibers are the reddest, have the most myoglobin, have the highest lipid content, and have the lowest glycogen content.
_______ are made up of myofibrils hooked end-to-end.
SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure)
The name of the program used by meat establishments to ensure that their facilities are clean before and during operations.
Type IIA
______ fibers are the 2nd reddest, have the 2nd most myoglobin, have the 2nd highest lipid content, and have the lowest glycogen content.
Type II(D)
_______ fibers have the highest glycogen content but the 2nd biggest fiber diameter.
Type IIB
________ fibers have the biggest fiber diameter and the highest glycogen content.
To be considered this type of meat, it must have a prayer said over it before it is slaughtered.

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