The Mysterious Airplane


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Idan Lavian English 101 Sec JB Mr Daniel Gomes UB Number 50087728 The Mysterious Airplane Advanced technology has been developed during the last decade to help us improve our searches for lost people There have been a few times where the special surveillance aircraft and submarines have not been able to find missing people This concern brings us to our current problem which is the missing Malaysian airlines flight 370 The airplane was headed to Beijing China when suddenly the radar did not find any signal from the aircraft The flight departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8th 2014 and was scheduled to land at Beijing Capital International Airport A little after one hour after it took off all communications systems have ceased and the transponder signal was lost The crew was expected to contact air traffic control in Ho Chi Minh City as the aircraft passed into Vietnamese airspace just north of the point where contact was lost The captain of another aircraft attempted to reach the crew of Flight 370 using the International distress frequency It was said that contact with the plane was established but it was only mumbling and static Malaysia Airlines issued a media statement that contact with the flight had been lost by Malaysian air control They stated that the government had initiated search and rescue operations but neither the crew nor the aircraft s onboard communication systems relayed a distress signal indications of bad weather or technical problems before the aircraft vanished from radar screen Without the help of radar locating the plane the searching countries continue their pursuit of the plane by exploring the Indian Ocean One of the methods of exploring is listening to noises in the ocean that might sound like a plane sinking down to the ocean floor There have been some odd sounds that scientists from Australia heard coming from the Indian Ocean that could lead to the missing airplane Mark Prior an acoustics expert at the test ban organization headquarters said that the sound might be consistent with an ocean impact or with some kind of a sealed air filled container that sank into the depths until the exterior water pressure caused it to crumple This method of exploration along with other approaches have brought the search closer to finding the plane but not close enough to bring this search to its end Due to the lack of results the national governments which were searching are starting to give up on the missing plane Instead the search that was funded by 25 countries has been passed down to private companies The Australian navy vessel Ocean Shield carrying the Bluefin 21 submersible drone hired by the U S Navy critical to the search is already traveling back to Perth The effort to find the plane will be later taken up by a private contractor no earlier than August In my humble opinion national governments should not give up their search for the plane They should continue searching until they find the location of the plane Since we have started the search we must finish by at least finding some evidence as to where the plane is located and the condition of the passengers Leaving the search to private companies would decrease the amount of people searching for the plane which could make the search much longer than expected The 25 countries have the ability to find the missing plane and they can support the funds of the exploration therefore they should remain part of the search Finding the plane has great importance to finding out what happened The black box of the plane record all conversations in the cockpit it is the only device that could tell us what really happened on the plane while it was in the air Based on civil aviation regulations black box is an electronic recording device placed in an aircraft for the purpose of facilitating the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents My father s personal experience in aviation engineering has shown that the black boxes that were made since 9 11 can clearly record any dialogue made in the cockpit they are tested multiple times before being placed inside a plane Once we find out what happened exactly on the plane we could then improve airport security based on our lessons from this devastating experience There have been many accidents involving planes in history that have caused airplane and airport security to improve If we could find out the cause of the plane s disappearance we would learn from the mistake made and then airports and planes would become much safer for people and their families For humanitarian reasons we need to bring closure to the family members of the missing passengers Their relatives have expressed extreme disappointment that they have not yet received definitive information regarding their missing loved ones In fact we don t hear enough about further investigations At this point we can certainly understand the pain and anguish suffered by the friends and relatives of the missing passengers now that they are beginning to feel that the world has forgotten their loved ones At the same time it is important to point out that the search for plane 370 costs many millions of dollars for the 25 searching countries This might be a reason as to why private companies are now taking up the search Also 239 passengers have being missing for over two months likely means that it is already too late to find any signs of life from the passengers Based on the one of the sources the aircraft has reached an unacceptable high height of 45 000 feet In this height no one can survive more than a minute besides who have been using portable oxygen masks It might therefore be the time for the search to be called off In conclusion I feel that despite the tremendous cost involved searches for missing people should always continue It is our moral duty to investigate the possibility that there may be survivors both for their sakes and the sakes of their relatives When it comes to human life money is no object Cited Pages recorded noise might offer clues to missing plane from New York Times http www nytimes com 2014 06 03 world asia malaysia airlines flight 370indian ocean recorded noise offers clues to missing plane html r 0 published June 2nd 2014 ping area discounted in search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 from The Wall Street Journal http online wsj com articles ping area discounted in searchfor missing malaysia airlines flight 370 1401351696 published May 29th 2014

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