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Hackett 1 Alex Hackett W 131 K Alford 10 14 13 Microtheme 2 Calling it Quits Wrestling is a sport that puts a toll on the participant not only physically but emotionally too Director Darren Aronofsky captures the adventure of Randy Ram Ramzinski in wrestling and his life through a combination of visual elements such as spacing sound mise en scene and characterization In a promotional event Randy is asked to sign autographs at Raw way Legend Signing He along with nine other old professional wrestlers sold memorabilia while also offering pictures and autographs in an American Legion hall The autograph session is supposed to be a big turnout However the gathering has a single digit fan showing The scene thus causes Randy to question his career this scene is a defining moment for both the movie and for Randy s character Randy goes to the legion and organizes his table with shirts movies and a camera expecting fans to want them However Randy soon finds that he didn t need all his memorabilia because nobody was there to buy them With the tools spacing and sound Aronofsky displays the emptiness of the room and the lack of fans of the older wrestlers Throughout the scene the audience can hear an echo because the room is so vacant Whether it s the yelling of RAM to take a picture or footsteps the sound bounces off the walls because of all the empty space Along with the echoes the negative spacing of the scene suggests that whoever put together the Hackett 2 session was expecting a big gathering There is a whole room devoted to the program but it isn t fully used The disappointing crowd size tells the audience that the wrestlers have lost their fan support The fans don t care nearly as much now that all the wrestlers are past their prime The little fan support is demoralizing for all the wrestlers especially Randy While Randy is already disheartened because of the turnout he is hurt even more after seeing all the other wrestlers Through mise en scene Aronofsky shows the audience the effects that wrestling can have on the body The audience sees a cane one person in a wheel chair and a catheter connected to the leg Being permanently hurt is clearly a very real possibility for wrestlers Randy also notices the actions and attitudes of all the other wrestlers One of the wrestlers was asleep while others were bored and out of it The environment of the room is depressing and solemn The scene ends with Randy head hanging with a look of sadness on his face This experience was eye opening for Randy and caused him to reevaluate his life This scene is a key factor in Randy s retirement This moment makes Randy look at wrestling more realistically He ultimately questions his profession and if he is on the right track in life His fans are gone and his health is dropping He saw the other wrestlers unhappy and finally realized that he wasn t happy Randy is unable to let go of the past until this point This scene is the moment that he accepts he is too old and that it is time for him to change his life Hackett 3 Works Cited The Wrestler Dir Darren Aronofsky Perf Mickey Rourke Marisa Tomei Evan Rachel Wood Fox Searchlight Pictures 2008 Film

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