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Olver 1 Christian Olver Dr Pitchford ENG 1060 10 February 2014 Schooled The Price of College Sports Schooled The Price of College Sports is a documentary about college athletes being treated unfairly by the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA and why they should get some kind of compensation This documentary has made a good dispute on the issue of college athletes receiving pay for their role in improving the school s image Walter Byers the driving force of the NCAA until 1988 came up with these genius scandals such as amateurism and student athlete as a way to protect NCAA from potential lawsuits Finkle Student athletes is a term used throughout this documentary and has been defined as a college student who is a student first and an athlete second Which brands them as amateurs so they can t receive monetary compensation Kent Waldrep was taken advantage of by the student athlete term after he broke his neck and was paralyzed from the waist down while playing college football This resulted in him losing his scholarship for a free education When his family tried to sue NCAA the origination said that he injured himself by playing in an extra curricular activity and could not pay any medical fines The situation is entirely unfair because the NCAA made money off of his ability to play college football and gain publicity for the school Olver 2 Aaron Foster a former college athlete for Houston is one of many victims of the NCAA In the documentary he goes into detail on how tight his schedule was as well as getting fed He explained he would go to training first thing in the morning rush to class go to practice and then finally have time to do his homework around nine at night He also stressed his troubles with having food to eat He states I would go to my room and find no food in the refrigerator as well as not have enough money to get food myself I remember telling my coach that if I didn t get food I would do something stupid So he bought some tacos for me and some players which is a crime according to the NCAA Finkle Ed O Bannon a former college basketball player for UCLA in the 90s found out after he graduated that his name was being sold in NCAA basketball games He didn t know about this until one of his friends who paid 59 99 for the game expressed to him that he was on one of the default players on a team O Bannon isn t getting a dime for his image He is now fighting a lawsuit against the NCAA according to the documentary This is just proof that even after athletes leave the NCAA their abilities looks and names are still their property The documentary Schooled definitely projected a good argument for the college athletes in terms of wanting to help them get paid for what they bring to the sport industry The film displayed arguments from both sides of the spectrum but at the end of the film they said that the NCAA denied any interviews thus help proving the points claimed in the documentary against NCAA Olver 3 Works Cited Finkle Ross dir Schooled The Price of College Sports Perf Kevin Anderson Jay Bilas and Taylor Branch 2013 Netflix Film 10 Feb 2014

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