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Brianna Hughes Miss Moran Cortes March 31 2014 Western Illinois Funding Division I student athletes are some of the most hardworking college students which brings up a problem with some of the funding at Western Illinois University Some of the major reasons why funding at Western is such a problem is because many of the athletes work hard enough to earn it student athletes don t have time to get a job to make their own money students will not be able to get the supplies they need for class the dorm room or house and lastly the school is spending their money on other project that are not as important The first issue I am going to talk about with the Western Illinois University funding is that the students work hard enough to get the funding so why not reward them A great example of a hard working team is the Westerns women soccer team When adding together all the hours the women s soccer team puts into study tables training and lifting they are definitely the hardest working team The past two years the team has ranked number one in the nation for highest GPA as a team In my opinion that effort deserves some extra funding By having such a well maintained GPA I believe the student athletes should be eligible to receive a little bit of money every month to pay for extra expenses such as school supplies items for the dorm or items for a house Most Division I colleges are aware of this problem and already do offer money to their student athletes every month or every other week The second problem with Western Illinois sports funding is the student athletes do not have enough time to get a job to make their own money If a student athlete is to be highly successful in both the classroom and on the filed they will not be able to have the time to get a job to pay for their extra needs and to get enough sleep The next example I am going to touch on with why Western Illionis sports funding is a problem is because the school has the money but they are spending it on the wrong things The school gets millions of dollars each year and they should work on spending their money much wiser On example of the school spending money on something that was not needed is the new sign in front of campus The school spent a lot of money on that sign which could of easily gone to fund something else An idea the school should think about doing is using the money the athletes pay to be here to help with the sports funding Most of the athletes wouldn t be at this school if it wasn t for their sport anyway so why not let their money go towards athletics In conclusion in order for a student athlete to be successful in the classroom and on the field they will need to spend all of their time to work to be their best at those therefore they would not have enough time to get a job Because of this the student athletes will not have any sort of income to pay for any extra needs they may come across during the school year Student athletes are very hard workers and deserve to have better funding

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