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Kyle Fernberg AMS179 10 27 16 Donald Grinde Journal 2 The Washington Redskins are receiving a lot of controversial complaints recently about the renaming of their team to be less racist towards Native Americans The colonists began the American Revolution against the British because of the unfair taxes The colonists were being taxed without proper representation in the governing body who was applying the taxes The Native Americans financed the first thirty years of the Americas The government was buying acres of land from the Natives for dirt cheap The government would turn around and sell the land to the settlers for much more than they paid for it maximizing their profits This angered the settlers because they should have been able to purchase the land for dirt cheap for themselves directly from the Natives White men were given a sixteen year old black girl and land by their fathers so they could move west The black girl is originally just there as a sex slave who bears mixed children When the white man become successful enough he goes out and finds himself a proper wife With his white wife he begins a Caucasian family His white wife soon realizes that some of the mixed children look like her husband She kicks the black wife and all of her children out because she does not want anybody that bears a resemblance to her husband in her home especially if they are black If the black children do not look like the husband they may be kept on the land as slaves by the white wife The Indian Removal Act called for the removal of all Native Americans east of the Mississippi by 1830 The most famous group afflicted by the Act were the Cherokee They were forced to walk on a famous path called the Trail of Tears At the time of removal 75 percent of the Cherokee were literate The 25 percent that were illiterate were the older generations who did not have to change their ways to fit in with the colonist s culture Removal was a two step process The first step was to remove all Indians east of the Mississippi The second step was purposeful isolation carefully done by the missionaries The missionaries wanted to control the schooling in the United States so that they could convert the Indians but as long as the schools on the Indian reservations were controlled by the Natives no conversions could be carried out In the missionary schools the literacy rate went down by 30 percent Under Franklin Roosevelt s presidency the Indians were removed from missionary schools and put back into public schools All of the land that was left after the removal of the Indians was given out to winners of a lottery system People had a one in four chance of winning 120 acres of land just by entering the lottery White farmers sought new lands to exploit These new lands were in current day Kentucky Tennessee Alabama and Mississippi The farmers implemented new internal improvements They did land surveys before they would open up the land to new settlers Once the land had been surveyed and cleared for settlement they would build roads bridges and boats These three technological advancements allowed for the farmers to move more rapidly into Native American lands The Greenville Treaty allowed for farmers to begin expanding as far west as the Ohio River Once many farmers had begun to settle in the new lands small communities began to form These communities would form along the rivers which allowed for the expanding of trade agriculture and commerce A holy man emerged to lead the native people of the Old Northwest The holy man was an alcoholic poor provider and epileptic The holy man was named Lalawethelca He is the brother to Chiksika and Tecumseh In 1805 he died in his lodge and his family began preparing him for burial On the way to the cemetery her arose He returned from the land of the dead where he had spoken to the Master of Life When he returned to life he was renamed They called him Tenskwatawa the Open Door He became a widely respected figure in the Old Northwest He then became known as the Shawnee Prophet Tenskwatawa led active resistance against whit expansionists and institutions In September of 1830 the Choctaws were forced to move from their lands The Choctaws signed a treaty called the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek This treaty guaranteed that they were given an equal amount of land as they were removed from The Choctaws had millions of acres in Alabama and Mississippi They were being given millions of acres in the lands North of the Red River which is present day Oklahoma and Texas The treaty also guaranteed that the United States would educate 40 Choctaws every year and also provide them with 50 000 so that they could create their own public schools Another 20 000 would be given to them for 20 years for supplies and moving expenses Although the Choctaws received some of this money most of it was never paid to them In history the government is the author of the military portion Every time the military kills the Native Americans it is considered a war or a battle Every time the Native Americans kill whites or the military or the whites lose in a war or battle it is called a massacre The government is trying to make the native people look worse than they actually are The U S government has been accused of trying to kill all of the Indians They chose certain tribes to save so that all of the Indian race would not be killed but only the ones that they did not want on the lands that they wanted to explore During the Civil War the invention of the machine gun greatly increased the productivity of the United States military Their previous rifles took time to reload after each shot and left themselves vulnerable to being attacked during the reloading phase James Gatling the inventor of the machine gun was made a colonel in the United States Army in Kansas in 1862 Gatling mowed down hundreds of Native Americans in Kansas that year while they were charging all with his newly invented machine gun Gatling believed the new technology should be used only against the Native Americans and never against the whites because it would actually be immoral to kill that many white people The Civil War wasn t just between the Union and Confederates The Native Americans were also involved for two reasons they did not trust the U S government because of the national Indian policies and the Indians who lived down south and were removed owned slaves and those still living in the south who didn t own slaves aspire to own slaves When the Civil War began many Native Americans sided with the confederacy In the 1850s a major battle erupted in Kansas where many Native Americans who had been removed were living Bleeding Kansas was between the North and the South but the South had a lot of support in that state because the Indians wanted slaves William Seward suggested that the U S government should buy all of the land in Indian territory and open it up to white settlers He recommended that the acquire the land specifically belonging to the Cherokees Choctaws Chickasaws Seminoles and Muscogees because they were the most civilized 5 tribes When the whites came to the Americas they were confused by the fact that Indian women held pivotal positions in their governments The women would vote for the men in positions of leadership in their tribes The women could also impeach the man they voted in for misconduct The women themselves could never become the civil chief or the war chief of a clan but could sit in on council meetings The women approved men s plans for wars and battles They also owned all household goods except for the man s clothing weapons and hunting implements Sometimes when making treaties with the whites the whites would stall because they didn t want to be making treaties with women doing men s business One Indian leader chief told the whites to sit down shut up and do business with the women because everybody that was present had been born from a woman With the invention of the railroad people who lived in the eastern United States could move westward if they desired in a fraction of the time it would have taken them prior to the new technology Other new technology that helped whites was the machine gun 250 English soldiers were being attacked by 10 000 Muslims The Englishmen had 15 machine guns and were able to stop the Muslims from attacking The Muslims stopped attacking and began using the dead bodies to build a wall to protect themselves from the machine guns The machine guns allowed for the lives of 250 white men to be saved by taking the lives of thousands of savages The Bozeman Trail was a trail that connected the Oregon Trail to Montana During the 1860s the part of Montana where the Bozeman Trail ended was experiencing a gold rush The Native Americans were annoyed by the number of people using the Bozeman Trail because it went through their territory Out of anger the Indians began attacking those that used the trail to get to the mining frontier The government began escorting the people through the Bozeman Trail using the United States Army so that nobody else would be attacked by the Native Americans The Army even began campaigns to try and reduce the number of Indian attacks on travelers without escorts The trail was finally stopped after a large attack by the Indians Hitler believed that the United States killed all of the Native Americans as a justification for his plan to kill all of the Jewish people in the world The United States were believed to have killed all of the Native Americans tribes that they did not want to keep around in their country but let others live because they were peaceful with the United States During one of the wars between Americans and Indians somebody said something along the lines of In the war they Indians will kill some of us we U S will kill all of them If this were true the united states would have committed acts of genocide which would make Hitler s beliefs true and would justify his attempted genocide of the Jews The Reservation System was put into place because Native Americans were removed from their homelands and had to be put somewhere out of the way on restricted lands The Puritans argues that they were creating towns of praying Indians to benefit the Indians The reservations were designed to allow the government to control as many aspects of the Native Americans life as possible The could control work recreation law trade hunting farming family education and religion The laws that were created established churches and sanctioned Puritan doctrines meted out punishments regulated commerce established social and behavioral rules of conduct and dictated policies to Native Americans Native Americans were able to survive all of the rapid changes brought upon the by the colonists by resorting back to basic Native American traditions They always tried to work as much as possible to make the best possible life for their families They continued the use of traditional medicines by gathering all of the medicinal herbs that they could They would make each other chew poison oak to grow immune make medicinal teas out of creosote leaves and white sage and use sassafras root as medicine for their children for the cold and flu The also strengthened community ties by studying plants and animals in their regions Their cultural preservation was a survival tactic Other people preserved their arts as a survival tactic but would also change their arts by using new designs and materials

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