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Arianna Hilt Aufderheide Comm Arts 100 Sept 15th 2014 Imagine yourself in the middle of the floor standing in the perfect pose the lights dazzling off your purple leotard waiting for the music to begin The Mission Impossible theme song starts playing and that s your cue You start your dance coming into the first stunt a back three and a half twist You signal to the judges and begin your tumbling pass sticking it perfectly The crowd is going crazy and the rest of your routine is a blur with your confidence level through the roof It wasn t just the physical practice but the psychological preparedness is what helped Missy to become the athlete she was Miranda Missy for short competed in gymnastics for 12 years in her hometown of Oregon Wisconsin Gymnastics were a big part of Missy s life taking up a plethora of her time She was always practicing in the gym or working out which is another favorite hobby of hers Even though she isn t a gymnast anymore Missy still works out daily Practice physical ability and fitness are not the only things that were key to her successful gymnastics career but also mental stability Because of the mental preparation she needed in her career she decided to major in psychology here at the University of Wisconsin Madison Missy wants to learn more about psychological development in the brain of different age groups to see if the mental stability she needed in gymnastics helped her brain to develop or mature faster Missy s love for the sport has shaped her into the young woman she is today and it has helped her decide what she wants to do with her future Because of the mentality Missy had to have for her gymnastics career there is no doubt in Missy s choice Her degree in psychology will help her to always remember her gymnastic career as a child as well as help her stay connected to her past

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