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Commemorative Speech Arianna Hilt Aufderheide Comm Arts 100 December 4 2014 Kobe Bryant Think back to a time when you crumpled up a piece of paper going for a long shot to the garbage trying to sink a ball in a cup during beer pong or any other objects resembling a ball and a basket I m sure at one point you have shouted KOBE because I know I have This term was first coined by Dave Chappelle back in 2004 and has became a world wide phenomena among youth and basketball fans in reference to Kobe Bryant one of the world s greatest basketball players For the few of you who don t know who Kobe Bryant is he is a professional basketball player in the NBA In 1996 he was the first guard ever to be drafted right out of high school He was eventually signed by the Los Angeles Lakers that year and has played for them ever since If being drafted directly from high school isn t impressive enough he has lead the Lakers to 5 NBA championships a 16 time All Star he has been on the All NBA Team 15 times as well as 12 time member of the All Defensive Team among many other big awards and accomplishments He has been ranked high on the All Time scoring lists for both the regular and post seasons As well as winning the Slam Dunk Contest in 1997 the year after he graduated high school He has also had dozens of companies endorse him through the years making his net worth the highest in the NBA because of his skill love and dedication to the sport Just one month into Kobe Bryant s the Lakers all star guard 19 th campaign his season has already been more eventful than some men s careers Although the Lakers aren t doing well as a team Kobe has been in the news for the most part of this season and breaking more records He has been named the only player to score at least 30 000 points with 6 000 assists in his most recent game against the Toronto Raptors also scoring his 20th triple double But another upcoming accomplishment that most definitely resonates with Kobe Bryant are the very reasons he cherishes it Bryant is set to pass Michael Jordan on the all time NBA scoring list in the next week or two being the second all time player with the most scored points in their career I enjoy what I do so much he said to Bleacher Report I enjoy the preparation of it I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out a new puzzle I take a lot of pride in that in having the challenge to work through year after year after year with different teams and different teammates and different coaching staffs trying to work through all that stuff I feel very fortunate His effort and dedication to the game and what he has brought to the NBA is another reason why I among millions of his fans can t help but to love him as a player Not only is he a good player but when it comes to basketball he is very intelligent about the game which is very inspiring to me Kobe THE BLACK MAMBA has been described by many words both good and bad but the big three that stand out to me are Champion Passionate and Competitive He s just an amazing basketball player That s the bottom line He s had an unbelievable career He s still going pretty strong Lakers coach Byron Scott said There s a lot left in that tank it s obvious His accomplishments are just fantastic To watch him continue to compete the way that he does at this level is remarkable I m sure many would agree with this statement hoping that Kobe signs a new contract after this season Kobe is an incredible player and has changed the way basketball is played There have been trade rumors that were quickly kicked to the curb studies showed that people don t watch the Lakers without Kobe when the viewing plummeted last season after his injury showing how big of an impact he really is in the basketball world And not only is he a big impact on the basketball world but also NBA fans like myself He is the reason I started watching basketball as well as the reason I continue to

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