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Michael Winter Final Essay Ms Cho English 102 4 18 12 Final Essay I have been researching a previously trending topic for all of my essays this semester The topic was about the quarterback Peyton Manning who was in the last year of his contract for the Indianapolis Colts There were rumors for months about where this quarterback would be traded to or if he would be staying with the Indianapolis Colts I found over ten articles discussing different viewpoints on the subject Basically the arguments were that he should either stay in Indianapolis or he should be traded to Arizona Washington Tennessee San Francisco and Denver There were so many options for Peyton so I had to do a lot of research concerning each view point Each speaker made valid points in their articles each article made me want to side with them It was difficult to find where I stood on this subject Eventually I came to the conclusion that Peyton Manning should have gone to San Francisco Key words being should have About a month or so ago Peyton Manning was traded to the Denver Broncos not the time I believed would land the star quarterback I had some good points for choosing San Francisco First let me begin by explaining why Peyton Manning was such a hot topic for the last few months He is arguably the best quarterback playing in the NFL today Also arguably one of the top quarterbacks of all time His career achievements will tell you why A four time National Football League NFL most valuable player and a champion in the Super Bowl are on top of the list of Peyton Manning s many awards and records Based on the Harris Poll of 2005 the starting quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts is the most looked up to NFL player The six foot five quarter back from New Orleans Louisiana was born in 1976 and followed his father s footstep who was a quarterback in the 70s and 80s Peyton Manning holds twenty eight Tennessee University records seven South Eastern Conference SEC records and over forty NFL records were put into Peyton Manning s name Under the SEC Manning was tagged as the all time winning quarterback with a 39 5 record breaking achievement He holds several National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA records including having the lowest interception percentage in the 1995 season and the lowest career interception percentage from 1994 till now The seven south eastern conference SEC records include 863 completions 11 020 total yards career completion percentage of 62 49 and season and career lowest inception percentage records Currently the media features Peyton Manning as one of the most valued players as manifested by his various television appearances and print advertisements It won t be wrong if someone suggests that Peyton Manning has lost track of his awards as he has won over 50 awards since winning his first major award MVP high school award back in 1992 In total Manning has six major awards from high school twenty one college awards and over fifteen NFL awards Awards are not the lone recognition that Peyton Manning has achieved In fact the Yale Avenue was renamed and is now known as the Peyton Manning pass The Peyton Manning award was also given birth to honor his family in 2004 and was started by the Sugar Bowl committee to honor the leading alleges quarterback So you can obviously see why Peyton Manning is such a highly sought after player Anytime who lands this quarterback will instantly become a contender More about the final conclusion I came to Peyton Manning should have signed with the San Francisco 49 ers Many articles gave me convincing warrants with great backing data and evidence Peyton Manning should go to a team that ideally has the best chances of winning San Francisco had won 13 games the previous season a very good winning percentage This was obviously the best team out of all Peyton s choices Let me begin by explaining why San Francisco was one of the best teams in the entire NFL last year Out of the 32 NFL teams they ranked 11th in points per game scored a very respectable ranking Some of the reasons they were good on offense was its skilled position players At running back they have Frank Gore one of the best rushers in the league He rushed for over 1200 yards last season way above the average half back s numbers At wide receiver they have one of the best young receivers in the NFL Michael Crabtree He racked up close to 1000 yards last season At tight end they have Vernon Davis one of the best tight ends in the NFL So obviously they 49ers have great weapons to equip Peyton Manning with If I was Peyton I would be drooling over the opportunities on this team Offense does not make a team a super bowl champion they also need to have a good defense The 49ers had the 4th best overall defense last season definitely a dominant defensive team They were the number one ranked rush defense in the NFL They have great players on defense including a player by the name of Patrick Willis Patrick is one of the most feared players in the NFL He is consistently at the top of the league in defensive numbers he anchors the defense The other articles also had good points being made I found that they cons outweighed the pros in these articles The article saying that Peyton should stay with the Indianapolis Colts had a major flaw Sure they mention that You will struggle to find a team out there right now that will trade for a QB who just had another neck procedure when he may in fact be released within the month Gabe Trade rumors That is a very good point but the Colts are going to draft one of the best rookie quarterbacks in recent memory He would take Manning s place no doubt I just felt that having both of those quarterbacks would be pointless for the Indianapolis Colts I also agreed with another article stating that it would be wise for the Arizona Cardinals to not pick up Peyton Manning This article sates very good evidence for why they should not get him First off they already have a recently signed quarter back in Kevin Kolb who had a pretty bad year statistically But the article makes a good point First of all it wasn t all Kolb s fault in 2011 The Cardinals offensive line gave up 54 sacks second most in the NFL The unit also allowed 86 quarterback hits sixth most in the league Ryan Obviously Peyton Manning would not be that successful with a terrible offensive line The Arizona Cardinals are just too young of a team to make it anywhere special with Peyton Manning as quarterback Another big contender in the Manning sweepstakes was the Washington Redskins This is a team who has been looking for a good quarterback for quite some time now The article reports that Peyton and the redskins had mutual interest in each other So you might think this is a good possibility for him That is not the case in my thought process there is one big issue The Redskins have the second pick in the NFL draft A very good quarterback will be available to draft I feel it would just be pointless to get Peyton when they could get a very good young player key word there being young Peyton is simply just getting old This would be a bad decision for the future of the team if they picked up Peyton A few weeks ago breaking news happened Peyton Manning finally ended up going to the Denver Broncos This was too much of my surprise seeing him end up in Denver The 49ers seemed like the perfect fit for Peyton but then again I am not a sports expert He agreed to five year 96 million dollar contract The article I read on this news made some great points as to why Denver is a good fit for Peyton Manning It states that Denver coach John Fox took a team that appeared to have four win talent to the playoffs with an 8 8 season If 8 8 is the base Manning could get the Broncos to 11 or 12 wins If that s the case the division is theirs Connor I fully agree with this statement the Broncos had a very bad quarterback before Manning and they still won 8 games Also this is a very winnable division Most of the teams are average at best The thought came to me that the Broncos still need good players to compliment Peyton this article gave me great points that answered my question In Denver Manning won t have to throw 40 times to win games I m sure the Broncos will try to add Dallas Clark Manning s favorite tight end target They might try to replace Knowshon Moreno with another back Joseph Addai could be one possibility but now that the Panthers have added Mike Tolbert it s not out of the question for Fox to trade for Jonathan Stewart or DeAngelo Williams to augment McGahee who isn t getting any younger He s 30 and coming off a 1 199 yard season This makes me reconsider my initial argument that he should play for the 49ers After analyzing all of the articles it was easy to pick which article I agreed with The claim was backed up with great evidence The rest had good points but in the end were faulty Works Cited Page 1 Zaldivar Gabe Peyton Manning Trade Rumors Star QB Would Be Wise to Stay with Colts bleacher report bleacher report n d Web 15 Feb 2012 http bleacherreport com articles 1073843 peyton manning 2 trade rumors star qb would be wise to stay with colts Rudnansky Ryan Peyton Manning Trade Rumors Why Developing Cardinals Shouldn t Pursue Star QB bleacher report bleacher report n d Web 16 Feb 2012 http bleacherreport com articles 1070772 3 peyton manning trade rumors why developing cardinals shouldnt pursue star qb Zaldivar Gabe Peyton Manning Trade Rumors Teams Continue to Circle Colts Like Vultures bleacher report bleacher report n d Web 4 Feb 2012 http bleacherreport com articles 1075118 peyton manning 4 trade rumors teams continue to circle colts like vultures Van Bibber Ryan 2012 NFL Trade Rumors Peyton Manning On Washington s Radar Turf Show Times Turf Show Times n d Web 6 Feb 2012 http www turfshowtimes com 2012 2 5 2773301 2012 nfl trade 5 rumors peyton manning washington redskins Wood Donald Peyton Manning Rumors No 18 Smart to Choose New Team Quickly bleacher report bleacher report n d Web 16 March 2012 http bleacherreport com articles 1108599 nfl rumors peyton 6 manning smart to choose new team quickly Reed Jesse Peyton Manning Rumors Mario Manningham and Randy Moss Make the 49ers Favorites bleacher report bleacher report n d Web 17 March 2012 http bleacherreport com articles 1109389 peyton manning rumors mario manningham and randy moss 7 make the 49ers favorites Connor Matt Peyton Manning Rumors Titans Broncos Only Finalists Left Per Multiple Reports sb nation sb nation n d Web 18 March 2012 http kansascity sbnation com kansas city 8 chiefs 2012 3 14 2871082 peyton manning rumors titans broncos only finalists left per multiple Coleman Scott Peyton Manning Rumors Steve Young Says 49ers Are Favorites To Sign Manning sb nation sb nation n d Web 18 March 2012 http bayarea sbnation com san francisco49ers 2012 3 17 2880265 peyton manning rumors 49ers

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