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Michael Winter Ms Cho English 102 2 27 12 Essay 2 Peyton Manning Trade Rumors Peyton has played for the Indianapolis Colts during his entire career since he was drafted number one overall in the 1998 draft He has been arguably the top quarter back for the past 10 or so years in the National Football League Starting in the off season Peyton had started undergoing neck surgery for injuries he acquired the previous season All summer long there were rumors of whether or not Peyton would be playing in the 2011 season The beginning of the season was getting closer and closer and each and every day ESPN would discuss the probability of Peyton playing in a regular season game At first the rumors were that he would only miss a small portion of the season and be back and ready to play in no time The season was only a few weeks away and the news came that Peyton would miss the entire season due to multiple neck surgeries The Indianapolis Colts were one of the best teams for the past decade but after losing Peyton to injuries they became one of the worst and only won a few meaningless games This then started the rumors whether Peyton Manning would leave the Indianapolis Colts to join a new team The four articles I found argued whether Peyton should leave the Colts and join a certain team or whether it would be a good idea for Peyton to stay in Indianapolis I will analyze these articles based on the different elements of the Toulmin model The first article I have chosen to analyze deals with the idea that Peyton should stay with the Colts The claim of this article is that the best and most obvious decision is for Peyton to stay and play for the Indianapolis Colts According to the author of the article if you the reader consider all of the trade options this is the best choice overall The grounds that support this claim are that Peyton should stay because other teams would be hesitant to trade for a quarterback who is recovering from injury The Colts understand the fact that he is recovering and would be glad to take it slow with him The warrant of this article is pretty obvious it is that the Colts are the best place for Peyton when he is recovering from surgery so Peyton should stay with the Colts This would be the best place for Peyton because of the professional training staff there There is additional information in this article to provide some backing They also can draft a quarter back named Andrew Luck to be the starter for the team in case Peyton needs a few weeks to get up to in game speed This adds to the fact that Peyton should stay with the Colts The writer of this article seems to be extremely confident in the claims he is making which would be the qualifier of the article There is a different view point for issue I researched and am discussing This article from the bleacher report is stating that Peyton should be traded to the Arizona Cardinals The article s claim is that the Cardinals do not need an injury liability at quarterback on a team that is not very good in the first place therefore they would not even be able to make a deep run in the playoffs The ground in this article is that because of Peyton s recent injuries he would be very injury prone all season long They also have a bad defensive team Sure Peyton would take them from a bad team to an okay team but they certainly would not make a serious title contending team The warrant is that the Cardinals to not need a liability at quarterback on their team that needs improving overall in the first place Backing for this warrant is that they also already have a quarterback that had a bad year due to bad offensive line play and who could grow with the team down the road The claims made are solid and make sense and the qualifier was clear My third article dealt with the amount of teams trying to snatch up Peyton Manning The claims this article is trying to make are that actually the Arizona Cardinals have a good chance of getting Peyton Manning the Washington Redskins are right behind them and the New York Jets are the least likely of the three to land the superstar quarterback There are grounds for each part of this claim in the article The New York Jets have a young quarterback who seems to have a promising quarterback for the future according to the head coach The Washington Redskins could get him but they also have a chance of getting a very good quarterback in the NFL draft The Cardinals also can get Peyton but they already have a quarterback with a good back ground of starting in the NFL The warrant provided by this article is that because of the trust that the New York Jets have in their quarterback that the more likely places Peyton would end up are Washington and Arizona The fact also that the New York Jets have had some good success with their current starting quarterback so there is some backing for the claim that Peyton is least likely to go to New York The qualifier was clear and concise The last article I stumbled upon is about the possibility of Peyton Manning going to play for the Washing Redskins The claim of this article is that Peyton Manning has shown mutual interest in playing for the Washington Redskins He has contacted the general manager of the Redskins multiple times There are grounds throughout this article the Washington Redskins do not have a very good starting quarterback The warrant of this article is that the Washington Redskins have a bad starting quarterback a bad quarterback is a significant factor in the teams ability to perform well so Peyton would be a good fit in Washington There is backing for this warrant Peyton would also like to play with the Redskins coach who has a very good coaching history Each article has different claims and backing aspects After analyzing each of these articles I have a good understanding of the situation involving Peyton Manning s football future Toulmin s model is a great way to study each aspect of an argument It helps make everything a bit more understandable Citations Articles 1 http bleacherreport com articles 1073843 peyton manning trade rumors star qb wouldbe wise to stay with colts 2 http bleacherreport com articles 1070772 peyton manning trade rumors whydeveloping cardinals shouldnt pursue star qb 3 http bleacherreport com articles 1075118 peyton manning trade rumors teamscontinue to circle colts like vultures 4 http www turfshowtimes com 2012 2 5 2773301 2012 nfl trade rumors peytonmanning washington redskins 5 http www nfl com player peytonmanning 2501863 profile 6 http www cbssports com nfl players playerpage 12531 peyton manning

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