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Cunningham 1 of 5 Sydney Cunningham Professor Oladimeji Aborisade LBST 2102 Paper One 14 February 2014 Chapter One In chapter one it first spend some time listing and describing the different most pressing Global issues that affect us as a whole as a type of phenomena It then goes into deep detail on how the world is supposedly shrinking due to travel trade and communication speeds With this idea of a shrinking world are critics that point out that third world countries do not have the fast paced technology growth like developed countries The US like other developed countries have a high percentage of the population who uses internet In 2011 the US is at a 78 while Africa is standing on a 13 1 This is statistical proof that although technology is in every corner of the world doesn t mean it is accessible to everyone Chapter Two This chapter discusses weapons in vertical and horizontal proliferation and militaries It discusses how WMD weapons of mass destruction such as Chemical Biological and Missiles are a necessity for security and prestige reasons In 1968 the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty NPT was open for signatures This treaty was an agreement to cease the spread of nuclear Cunningham 2 of 5 weapons beyond the five declared nuclear powers Soon after several other significant agreements were in the spirit of the NPT Another important treaty was the Chemical Weapons Convention CWC that halted all signatories to develop and stockpile biological agents in 1993 Skeptics are talking about the possibility of a nuclear free world which is something president Obama is hoping will come to realization Others believe that many arms control initiatives are doomed to fail when more countries are developing nuclear weapons Chapter Three This chapter focuses on Nationalism and how it contributes to how the world interacts with each other and solve issues mainly pertaining to the Israelis and Palestinians Despite the long going peace process and the general reconciliation of Israel with Egypt and Jordan Israelis and Palestinians have unsuccessful results to reach a final peace agreement The lingering key issues are mutual recognition borders security water rights control of Jerusalem Israeli settlements and Palestinian freedom of movement The violence resulting from the conflict has prompted international actions as well as other security and human rights concerns both within and between both sides and internationally In addition the violence has restricted expansion of tourism in the region which is full of historic and religious sites that are of interest to many people around the world Chapter Four Cunningham 3 of 5 Chapter four deals with Human Rights and the leaders who abuse that power for their own personal political gain as well as equal human rights globally The Universal Declaration of Human Rights UDHR was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948 partly in reply to the killings of World War II The UDHR urges member nations to promote a number of human civil economic and social rights asserting these rights as part of the foundation of freedom justice and peace in the world The declaration was the first international legal effort to limit the behavior of states and press upon them duties to their citizens following the model of the rights duty duality Chapter Five This chapter goes in depth about global security and the rise of a few of the actors states alliances and trade blocs over time including complications with their development The rise of UNHCR as a global security actor is placed within the context of the dramatic shift in perceptions of national and international security after the end of the Cold War Prominent among new security issues were the perceived threats posed by refugees and asylum seekers to international security state stability and societal cohesion When E Africa had a famine everything came up on headlines globally Alongside with global warming global security will be a rising subject Chapter Six This chapter focuses on trade and the effect it has on us economically and politically Also it focuses on whether or not the government should regulate the Cunningham 4 of 5 economy Although the WTO allows a country to bar certain imports if they pose a threat to the health of its own citizens or environment the organization does not allow a country to bar imports because of a manufacturers poor working conditions The WTO also doesn t consider the impact on the environment due to lax regulations and enforcement on manufacturing processes in exporting countries Critics argue this grounds developing countries to race to the bottom by allowing cheap labor and at times child and slave labor to keep costs down and compete with countries where labor regulations are required Environmental protection can also be lost in poorer countries looking to expand their exports Chapter Seven Any decision we make economically will affect us and other countries dealing with inequality poverty and private aid Political economy viewpoints allow us to sector countries and environments for opportunities to influence existing positive drivers of change Some changes that would benefit developing countries would be better healthcare and literacy even if the mortality of children are lowering worldwide As well as to make accurate estimates of the risks and challenges involved This implies taking the incentives of individuals and of groups more seriously rather than thinking about reforms predominantly from a public welfare perspective Chapter Eight To measure poverty Gross National Income in a country you have to measure it at home Simply because poverty is dealt with at a personal level in Cunningham 5 of 5 one s home In areas countries where poverty is more prevalent also makes hunger bad health and gender inequality more prevalent as well All the world s nations are under the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to decrease poverty and sickness in countries to promote equality It is essential that countries get economic growth alongside with political will this is the only way to defeat poverty Chapter Nine

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