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Macedo 1 Andy Macedo 5 25 2012 Noir Period 4 Ms Owen Title Hypothesis Born in San Francisco Natalie Wood grew up to be one of the most iconic and talented actors in Hollywood in the 1950s and 60s Starring in 56 films for the silver screen and television her career and her life were tragically ended when while on a boat vacation with her husband Robert Wagner she disappeared and her body discovered hours later Natalie Wood died in 1981 at age 43 off the Southern California shore of Catalina Island At the time her death was ruled an accidental drowning but since then there have been many questions raised about what actually happened on the boat Is the original police investigation conclusion which was that Wood s death was an accident in fact true The case was correct the first time it was closed Natalie Wood s death was an accidental drowning and Wagner s name should be cleared of suspicion of murder This case reminds people the misconception of Hollywood celebrities and the tendency to over dramatize their misdeeds Last January the Natalie Wood death case was reopened due to several notable figures coming forward to offer new information or more loudly voice long held views In some corners skepticism has grown over whether investigators will be able to determine if Wood did not die in an accidental drowning Robert Wagner quotes The reason they call these things cold cases is because they don t get solved that often The Hollywood Reporter The motives of some key players in Macedo 2 the investigation have also been questioned such as the captain of the boat Dennis Davern who authored with Marti Rulli a book on Wood s death But the book has been accused of opportunism and while mass media throws suspicion and accusations at Robert Wagner or even Christopher Walken people begin to spread rumors rumors that only are believed by the gullible Los Angeles Hollywood citizens who are undoubtedly accustomed to drama Natalie s Wood s death has been and will always be a balance of the gullible and the realists But the case is be cold and no new evidence has been found in over 40 years concluding that Natalie Wood s death was in fact a accident Data The case report states that Natalie Wood along with her husband Robert Wagner and a friend Christopher Walken were having a vacation over the weekend at Catalina Island The night manager Don Whiting of Doug s Harbor Reed Catalina Isthumus witnessed the dinner that took place the night of Wood s death During the course of the dinner Mr Whiting estimated that the group reached their boat safely which Mr Craigh is reported to have done Case report investigator Pamela baker spoke with Mr Wagner who related that the last time he remembers seeing his wife was at 2345 hours 11 45 pm When he realized his wife was missing he placed a radio call for help Dong Whiting heard Mr Wagner s radio call for help Mr Whiting lives on a boat and during his waking hours always monitors radio and even called a friend to go the Wagner boat to advise him of the situation and help with the search When it was determined that Natalie Wood and the dinghy were in fact missing a search was begun with Harbor Patrol Bay Watch private searchers L A County Sheriff and U S coast Guard all participating Macedo 3 Wood s body spotted from the air by a Sheriff s Department helicopter that was in route to the island to assist in the search The body was found approximately 200 yards off the Blue Cavern Point a mile out from where the boat was the night before Mr Wagner was also questioned regarding the possibility of suicide however he states that his wife not suicidal Body was absent of any rigor and the sheriff s personnel notes foam coming from the mouth also appeared to have bruising on the legs and arms No other trauma was noted and foul play was not suspected at the time No other trauma was noted and foul play was no suspected at the time Captain of the Wagner boat Dennis Davern identified they body to sheriff s deputies The new inquiry into Wood s mysterious drowning off the California coast in 1981 comes amid new attention to the case on its 30th anniversary The captain of the yacht she was on before her death came out to the media and said that he lied to police at the time and holds Wagner responsible for her death Los Angeles County Sheriff s Lt John Corina told reporters at a news conference on Friday that two homicide detectives had been assigned to reexamine new tips Corina stated reasoning for re opening the case witch only the answer Recently we have received information which we felt was substantial enough to make us take another look

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