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Writing 2 3 PM Professor Harris Moore Saul Ruiz January 10 2012 Formal Introduction Essay I was born in a city called Artesia which is slightly north of Los Angeles but was raised in South Gate which also happens to be relatively close to Los Angeles but in a different direction My chosen major at UCSB is biology yet I have not decided on a specialization such as cell biology microbiology and various others Looking back in retrospect I think the main reason I chose this major was because I was very fascinated as a kid by all the functions of the human body I went through book after book immersing myself in all the detail that is pertinent to the body and found it fascinating enough to choose it as a major My high school Advanced Placement Biology class was also a huge influence because it challenged me in the area I loved most which just fueled my desire to major in it at which ever college I decided to go to I also believe family plays a crucial role in what you choose your major to be I believe that is the case with me because although there is no direct pressure for you to force a major upon yourself indirect hints are always thrown at you as to whether you are going to become an engineer or a doctor and so on I don t believed that played a role in my decision but it was also another motive for me to choose a well suited career so that I would be able to help my family when help just wasn t there I ve had quite a bit of experience with writing since I have been taking it beginning my freshman year in high school I very much enjoyed my AP English class since we had the chance to go over various books such as The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald and One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest by Ken Kesey The hardest and longest paper I ve had to write would be my final project for my AP English class which was an in depth literary criticism and comparison of two or more books I decided to choose To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain in which I discussed the motives and characters in each novel as well as the racism present in each and their different approaches to the issue One of my strengths in writing is being able to brainstorm ideas for an essay easily but the difficult part is getting those ideas on paper in order to convey a clear and concise thought to the audience All the notes are on paper and resemble a kind of puzzle that you have to get together but I find that task somewhat daunting I do believe that writing more and more essays is the key to getting over a problem such as mine because you become more familiarized in regards to how an essay should be structured and how to organize the ideas in an orderly manner If I had to choose a favorite book I would have to split the choice into two categories 20th century literature and modern day literature My favorite novel from the 1900 s would have to be To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee I first read it in my freshman year of high school and immediately liked it because it presented an interesting read especially with the mysterious character known as Boo As for present times I d have to say my favorite book is The Bourne Legacy by Robert Ludlum which follows the Bourne trilogy played by Matt Damon It s captivating with the details of the characters movement from one country to another in only a few pages Each page has something to offer and I found it to be a book that I could not put down A few things that I believe are interesting about me are that I am the first in my family to go to college I enjoy designing web pages whenever I find time to do so and I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese Coming from a family that immigrated to the United States in the 1980 s my parents did not have the opportunity to receive a complete education From what they have told me the highest level of schooling they reached was high school since children were expected to help support the family which is still the case to this day I started web designing back in my last year of high school and would do it just about every day for the entire year Nowadays I mainly read on different ways to customize a website and technical ideas of that sort What I like about web designing is that it is a completely creative subject where the sky is the limit You can use it to share information with others or socialize with others but whatever web page you create is your idea The freedom and the ability to customize associated with creating a web page is something that everyone should get an opportunity to do at some point Finally I ve always thought that Chinese is an interesting subject to study but it is very difficult to do so without any resources Thus when I came to UCSB I found that taking a Chinese class would be a very interesting experience and so far it has been I am at a basic level as of now but I can read write and speak a bit I d have to say speaking is my least favorite because it is very easy to mess up and create a totally different and unwanted meaning of a phrase Currently I am in the second quarter of the Chinese series or Chinese 2 and am looking forward to study more if I am able to I am very pleased to be in your class

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