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Rauh 1 Carsten Rauh ENGL 1010 018 Dr Jeffrey Greenwell August 2 2015 ENGL 2010 Reflective Essay English 2010 was a good opportunity to further my talents as a writer All four assignments required a different writing style Writing in multiple genres gave this class a wellrounded approach in its instruction The memoir evaluation position argument and public service announcement all needed different approaches in tactics style and presentation Writing a suitable argument to fit different writing situations expanded my abilities to apply different writing techniques and appropriately respond to the criteria of each writing assignment Our first writing assignment was a memoir This assignment allowed me to experience a style of writing that I was unfamiliar with Usually college writing assignments are data or fact driven but this paper required a different kind of research To find writing material for a memoir outside sources became unnecessary The only place to find valid information was to do research on oneself This includes what you experienced how you felt at the time and provided specific sensory details Being able to put the reader in your scenes and through words paint a picture that adequately describes your surroundings through sound smell taste and sight required a good imagination and very detail heavy writing The memoir required me to recount a personal experience of significance and to connect relating events of that experience with clear transitional phrases to show how events related to one another Writing in a style that is creative and required me to be the narrator to my own experience was both fun and helpful to my writing Rauh 2 My memoir essay was about a kind of spiritual awakening In it I described my experience quite effectively but it had a somewhat awkward beginning I decided to focus my revision on this aspect Rather than starting my story in the middle of my camping trip I decided to include some context about how I got to this point in my life I believe by providing relevant background information the story I tell in the essay was strengthened The second writing assignment in this class was an evaluation This is something that I and probably everybody else is quite familiar with I love reviews and just about everything I purchase or do is done after other people s evaluations are considered Having to write an objective assessment was quite a different experience than reading one I had to first choose something to evaluate and then decide on who my audience was and how to most effectively address them After having chosen my subject a knife I had to do extensive research and decide what information was relevant to the reader I chose a certain set of criteria that included build quality use of materials look and as an historical object I then presented the reader with a fair assessment I decided to add a little more background story to the review of the knife by presenting a history of both the knife maker and the ship whose parts were used in making the knife This additional background information I feel will give the reader a greater understanding of how much history is part of this knife The parts included about the Tirpitz were also meant to show the scale of the ship and what a marvel it was for its time I feel the historical aspect about the steel used in the knife adds a lot of appeal This assignment above all others I thought would benefit from the addition of multimedia Letting someone see the image instantly illustrates what the subject is I decided to obviously include a picture of the knife as well as one of the battleship Rauh 3 Tirpitz I also embedded a video showing a blacksmith making damascus steel I thought this would be helpful to someone who does not know much about making knives because it illustrates how much work has to be put into each piece of steel Our third writing assignment was a position argument I chose to describe the negative consequences of Greece leaving the Eurozone This was a research heavy paper and required numerous quality sources to support my argument The writing strategy used for this paper was to combine various sources to back up my claim I used logical arguments to give a point to my writing Greece seems a world away and it is easy to dismiss reasons for why you should care about Greece s plight I presented material to appeal to an audience that is far removed by drawing parallels between the U S and European economies Also I argued that the geopolitical consequences of Greece leaving the Eurozone could be negative I did this by showing that Greece exiting the Eurozone would make the country accessible to other powers like Russia This assignment also taught me how to use good credible sources This was accomplished by filtering sources to only include reputable authors or trustworthy news organizations For my revision of this essay I decided to present an alternative to bailouts I thought this was a good viewpoint that added more complexity but also allowed for a third option to Greece s plight It is also my view that this alternative would be the most effective way to keep Greece in the Eurozone Much attention has been given to whether Greece should receive another round of funds But very little has been said about why the Greeks are continually needing more money I decided to look at this problem and argue that staving off a Greek exit goes far beyond another round of bailouts Rauh 4 Our last assignment in this class was a public service announcement It required us to choose a social issue that needed addressing and present a message through various mediums I chose to do a brochure that encouraged the reader to recycle and raised awareness of the importance of recycling This was accomplished through the use of imagery bullet points and a list of further resources to educate the reader This assignment was interesting because it required me to explore an effective way to pursue the reader with limited space and convince them to care about an issue

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