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Villamin Gebb Professor Riedel STACC English 1A 04 May 2014 Essay 5 I began to develop my passion for learning during my early days of grade school where I would cruise with decent grades but never aimed for the top since I was always content with passing rather than succeeding My philosophy was always onto the notion that staying in the middle wouldn t make me better or worse than my peers and that I wouldn t stand out to gain attention as long as I stayed average My mother was the one who salvaged my flawed ideology and my sister who became a model of excellence for me to follow Through my mother s guidance she developed a sense of work ethic inside of me because of her concern and desire for me to succeed for the benefit myself and the family as a whole Growing up with strict parents my mother was an excellent learner as she disciplined herself at such a young age to finish college with the same mindset My parents did not grow up with the same advantages I had but it did not stop my mother from training and developing my sense of learning through her constant perseverance of tutoring me regardless of her long hours at work just to make sure that I acknowledged the importance of my grades for a future that I can believe in It is through her nurture discipline and care that I was able to develop my own personal work ethic for my studies and helped me adapt to the rigorous workload she would provide me because of the necessity for challenge and to establish a passion for learning She basically created the foundation of my work ethic through constant vigilance and if it wasn t for her I wouldn t have been able to pursue a career that gave me a sense of comfort and responsibility for my own future decisions My sister was the model of academic discipline in my life and it is through her that I was able to understand and gain a love for reading because of her consistent advice to make me read the literary works that influenced her to work hard Her passion for learning became my own sense of motivation as she attained numerous academic awards and inevitably made me jealous and competitive in my own regard towards my peers My competitive drive helped me stay relevant throughout grade school until I hit a massive road bump towards middle school At this time I needed to adapt to a new environment studying in the Philippines where my peers took the academic challenge with ease I found myself trying to catch up to them in a lot of ways and my time studying there had made me reflect on my diminishing work ethic and motivated me to renew my passion for learning again when my classmates outmatched me in multiple subject areas It was a depressing time but the experience I gained was overwhelmingly positive in the end because it helped me grow as an individual learner for years to come One particularly good experience in my past education was the last day of high school which was graduation day What was special about this moment was the recognition from my peers that I was the Valedictorian of the class and that they accepted me for who I am regardless of my personality or values as a person It s a surreal feeling to finally get the recognition for all the hard work I ve put in to get to this point where I can speak in front of my friends peers and especially my family about the accomplishments that I ve completed and the journey of my classmates throughout our entire high school life It was incredibly coincidental that my graduation date would fall on my 18th birthday and at that moment my peers my classmates and my friends acknowledged me for who I am not what I did From that time I understood the meaning of feeling accepted by people with diverse backgrounds for the first time This experience changed my life and I would not have it any other way One bad experience in my previous education was my time studying in the Philippines from 5th 7th grade This time was particularly difficult for me because I lived in Guam for most of my life and when I moved I had to adapt to my new surroundings with very competitive classmates surrounding me and a culture that made me reconnect with my country During that time I blamed my low grades on my time adjusting to the new system new surroundings and my fixed mindset I inevitably surrounded myself with safety barriers because of how different my life changed from having a relatively easy time breezing through class to confronting subjects that actually made me work for a grade I never received a grade equivalent to an A anymore as I settled for passing marks My perspective on academics was shattered and that experience allowed me to grow from my stereotypical mindset and accept a broader perception of life living in the Philippines and the demands I would have to start putting effort into My passion for reading and writing started in middle school during my bad educational years where I earned low marks consistently due to my difficulty to adjust to the academic environment and constant problems around the household Since there were many issues in regards to financial stability and underwhelming academic performance I tried to get away from all of these concerns by locking myself in the school library whenever I had the chance and fall into literary worlds that shaped my perception of life philosophically Some influential works who helped me through this time were J D Salinger s The Catcher in the Rye and Stephen Chbosky s The Perks of Being a Wallflower for their ability to draft a diverse perspective on coming of age stories that really opened my eyes to reality as a youth going through different circumstances with the same problems I loved reading because the test made me delve into the author s world throughout my problematic years that I learned and matured from this experience as a better person My passion to write stems from my interest in certain topics that motivate me For example I admire good movies that compel me to write reviews about them There is a certain sense of passion to write for something that you strongly want to convey and through writing I discover my capacity to develop my thought process and experience as a reader that helps me incorporate all of these qualities to improve my writing skills to my own benefit and satisfaction During my first week of college classes I felt d j vu all over again when I saw my new classmates having conversations and relating with one another casually I expected everyone to be fairly new and I wanted to have a fresh start as a college student At this stage I was sharing both a fixed and growth mindset because I was willing to accept the rigorous challenges of college and make connections with my peers however I was stuck with the notion that I would never be able to branch out or build friendships and connections with my classmates because of my shy personality that my anxiety actually came back to haunt me In this moment I became the victim of my own circumstances because of my personal view on how I wanted to present myself in class and it affected me for some time I thought that if everyone already knew each other what would be the point of fitting in when I should be working on my own mistakes without the support of others I knew I had to outgrow from my fixed mindset at this point and adopt the growth mindset of accepting challenges and criticism as they come into my life because it would help me in the long term if I believe that there is room for growth within my circumstances I was tunneling my own limitations on how other people would perceive me but I knew that if I actually reflected on my mistakes to actually confront and repair them then I would be truly straying away from my fixed mindset and start to open up to my peers earned my respect and attention fairly Throughout my previous education I have definitely fostered both a fixed and growth mindset in my academic goals and work ethic With a fixed mindset I held conservative views about my intelligence and effort to work on my studies that it hit a point where I consistently avoided challenges because I did not want to confront my problems I only wanted to work on things that interested me which in turn did not help me develop a passion for other academic subjects I was always anxious to receive criticism because of my ignorant attitude that my work was good enough meaning that I gave the accurate amount of effort it deserved and easily gave up on obstacles that required more effort I held onto a fixed mindset for so long because nobody really gave me a reason to work harder than others or accept my work for what it is since I was always in the middle of the class or above The driving factor for me to attain a growth mindset was the time I entered high school where I was placed in an English Honors class I thought I would breeze through it but when I received my first essay back from my English teacher it was unsatisfactory At that point I began to question myself as to why I received the grade and actually confronted my teacher about it to which he replied that I did not provide enough effort or attention to actually respond to his prompt to the best of my ability He believed I had the potential to get a better grade but he was adamant and strict with me because he did not want me to fall into the same hole that he went through My trust in him slowly grew and helped me establish a basis for a growth mindset for my academics as I began to actually put in the work necessary My 9th grade English teacher gave me a reason to strive for success and it is through him that I was able to turn myself around from being a lazy worker to a determined learner A growth mindset helped me discover a hidden passion for math that caught me by surprise and it was at this moment where I developed a love for data and analyzing numbers which pointed me to a career that piqued my interests Ask a child what they want to be in life and the chances of them wanting to be an accountant are either slim or nonexistent Probably the biggest reason for aspiring students not to choose such a practical profession is the mundane thought of sitting down in front of a computer typing numbers signing checks and traveling to client s workplaces on a monthly basis Accounting is essentially that a regular office job geared towards examining numbers investigating financial reports and computing taxes But that doesn t mean it has its own benefits the salaries are decent job growth continues to surge and it s a stable career path once established In order to be an accountant one must first understand the duties and responsibilities of the occupation knowing the skills and specific discourse through the perspective of a professional examining the reasons that motivate prospects to pursue the career field and the educational steps needed to succeed Whenever people think about accountants they usually shrug at the thought of another type of office job that primarily focuses on finances According to the Merriam Webster dictionary accounting is the system of recording and summarizing business and financial transactions and analyzing verifying and reporting the results This means that accountants need to be proficient at recording financial statements have the ability to analyze different accounts such as budgets and taxes and identifying possible solutions to increasing the economic welfare of a company The field relies on using computer programs such as Microsoft Office to create financial reports and tax software to prepare tax statements A lot of accountants work independently from each other unless collaborative effort is needed in important company projects Some accountants work full time in companies while others such as internal auditors travel to other client s businesses on a regular basis A crucial aspect about accounting is having the ability to communicate and explain procedures in written financial reports with the staff to gain a better sense for the economic direction of the company Accountants generally enjoy the challenge workload and professionalism that accompanies the job even if it can be very stressful at times An accountant must bear the responsibilities that the job requires but the fruits of labor and hard work are very rewarding and satisfying in the long run I had the pleasure of interviewing my godmother Nelly Manalo who works as a certified public accountant for the construction company called American Gunite During my field visit to her workplace I caught a glimpse of her daily life as an accountant that reinforced my understanding of what the profession entails She worked in a simple office cubicle isolated from other coworkers whose clothes ranged from casual to professional depending on their occupation My interviewee had plenty of documents scattered throughout her desk with plenty of files folders and papers that looked to be written reports and employee checks She was typing on Microsoft Excel on what seemed like records of financial inventory that needed to be reported while enjoying a hot cup of coffee next to her computer Throughout the interview I questioned her about some of her duties and responded that she would be signing disbursement vouchers writing checks to all suppliers and setting a meeting with the staff regarding invoices that are made regarding retrievals on a daily basis A lot of the responsibilities that she explained to me relied on her ability to make coherent and detailed reports on keeping track of financial records and it also helps to write legibly when it comes to signing checks and vouchers The occupation also relies on having a familiar vocabulary and a strong grasp of financial and accounting terms such as knowing the types of tax forms like 1099 or W 2 because the job commonly deals with it on a regular basis She explains that the job requires being able to analyze all the entries that were done by the staff must be mathematically proficient and must be able to analyze the financial standings of the company expressing that accountants have the obligation to recognize and identify the fiscal status of the company and ensuring the right steps to a stable economic future Ms Manalo says that she enjoys the challenges that her profession brings to her everyday and says that if I had the chance to relive my school years before I wouldn t change it accounting at all She created a different image of what an accountant does when one understands the responsibilities and processes of a real professional and she took the liberty out of her own time to educate and inspire a person like me who is greatly interested in the field According to the career research program EUREKA accounting is projected to have a faster than average growth rate of 14 in the next five years because of the increasing demand for certified public accountants as new start up businesses and companies rise What makes accounting such an ordinary but coveted position is the relatively smaller competition in comparison to other impacted job markets and it s growing job availability Accounting isn t just a profession where people are proficient with numbers a company s financial stability and organization depend on accountants to provide and create flexible opportunities for financial growth In a journal written by Mary Jo Kranacher an expert certified public accountant and fraud examiner she discusses that accounting isn t just about job opportunities that many people have said as a main motivator for entering the field but she hopes to change the perception of how accounting is viewed to prospective students who see it as a guaranteed path to obtaining an easy job once they ve obtained a degree I respect the significance of her intentions because the area of accounting is just as broad as any other field but it lacks the rigorous training and information that other fields like nursing and engineering offer She says that if we are to regain the respect and credibility of the general public we need to change the perception of accountants as bean counters or soldiers both inside and outside of our profession 6 In order for accounting to be recognized as more than just an office job in the traditional sense it should be viewed as a career that will pave the way for more opportunities and growth for the individual because of the potential networks skills and training that the career possesses Kranacher ends the journal by stating that the survivors will be those who are able to adapt to a dynamic environment and demonstrate that our profession s services add value to a business 7 She clearly presents a suggestion that adds merit and integrity to the values of what it means to be an accountant and what the career should represent as a whole Accounting deserves to be a respectable choice because it opens gateways to become better individuals if one takes the time to get to know and understand the profession In order to attain an accounting major it s important to fulfill the IGETC requirements as well as transferable courses that are specific to accounting that correlate with the specific university Using the ASSIST website a database that contains helpful information in knowing which classes to take before transferring to another university it s critical to take the introductory Accounting and Business classes after the general education requirements are met because it allows stronger concentration on the classes specific to accounting later on as transfer years get closer It s also important to do well at Mathematics courses because it is an essential building block and a core tool to succeeding in gaining an accounting or business degree To further progress in the career field one must try searching for part time work at tax preparation companies like H R Block or volunteering at local credit unions over the summer because of the valuable experience training and connections that could potentially be gained from it The Career Research Center is also a valuable resource in every college because of the wealth of information it holds and the amount of opportunities and connections that counselors can offer The secret to securing an accounting degree is the ability to plan the educational goals that one must meet before transferring and being able to carry out that plan through dedication motivation and hard work Being an accountant doesn t just mean sitting down at a cubicle all day observing numbers it s for those who are willing to be challenged by a profession that requires critical analysis and mathematical understanding of financial responsibilities On the outside accounting is a simple yet stressful office job that has its benefits but under the surface it is like any other occupation that rewards the individual if the determination and motivation to work in the career field merits the amount of time invested into it A prospect who wants to break into the accounting profession must understand that the skills and experiences needed the educational planning recognizing the duties of the job and identifying the motivation towards a rewarding career are the fundamental requirements needed to succeed in the field If there s a will there s a way and accounting is no exception to that rule

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