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The new ideas that political scientists proposed about the government during the enlightenment spread quickly throughout Europe and Britain s colonies by the use of salons The thoughts of many philosophical thinkers such as John Locke s natural rights and Voltaire s freedom of speech and religion had made colonists and Frenchmen second guess their monarchies Over time both France and Britain came across heaps of debt and to help pay their dues King Louis XVI and King George III went to their citizens to collect unfairly large sums of taxes Although both the kings failed to hold up their laws completely and carry out their business swiftly citizens still became infuriated about their disrespectful and inconsiderate taxes and ways of ruling Because the leaders never allowed the average man to have representation in the government citizens couldn t take part in changing the unwanted laws in their favor These events led to colonists seeking independence and the french wanting an escape from the monarchy Although high taxes and the presence of a weak monarchy were both factors in the development of the American and French revolutions it was the lack of representation in the government that led the people to rebel against their own countries Among the many things that angered the colonists and the eighty percent of citizens that made up France s third estate was taxes Both countries were in great debt whether it be from the countries recent wars or from royalty spending too much on material luxuries for themselves and nobles The colonies and the french peasants were slammed with all sorts of taxes in the kings hopes of a speedy recovery Britain passed many laws regarding imported taxes such as the Navigation Acts towards the colonists The king also put high taxes on important documents such as wills and deeds Like the king of Britain King Louis also searched for a quick fix for his debts He required citizens to pay taxes to the church to nobles and even to purchase simple staple crops The taxation became more than the people could afford Colonists and Frenchmen both wanted to act against their crowned heads Although both kings charged their citizens taxes for relatively the same reasons the French and British monarchies were weak in ultimately different ways King Louis XVI of France was substantially indecisive as all could tell The king was so hesitant to propose solutions to problems that he relied on an assembly to receive advice from others Occasionally he left the problems to fix themselves leading to greater problems such as national debt The King of France clearly had no formal and effective way of controlling the countries problems alone Unlike King Louis unskillful ways King George held a weak monarch for faults that came before him

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