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Deborah Bor Danielle Stein 12 May 2017 GE Cluster Seminar Week 6 Music Journal Assigned Listening In the 1950s the U S Department of State developed a cultural diplomacy program known as The Jazz Ambassadors program in which they sent out the nation s finest jazz musicians to other countries The purpose of the program was to serve as a front of the Cold War by presenting jazz as a form of democracy Many famous jazz artists such as Dizzy Gillespie and Benny Goodman participated in the program in order to promote America s sense of culture and dedication to freedom Dave Brubeck was also a representative along with his quartet They went on a tour in 1958 to several countries considered behind the Iron Curtain as well as Third world and developing countries that might have been susceptible to the influence of Communism The song Cultural Exchanges seems to be of two songs In the first part of the song it starts off with a fast paced and light hearted tone which reminded me of those peppy Disney songs made back in the day Then the second part is slowed down as Louis Armstrong soulfully croons the lyrics It is interesting to note that the lyrics were written by Iola Brubeck and the music produced by Dave Brubeck based off their experience as Jazz Ambassadors There is humor to the lyrics and it denotes how America would send musicians and other people like the First Lady in order to ease tensions and resolve conflicts Personal log for Wednesday Shape of You and Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran Various playlists on Spotify Music in Dining Halls Dance songs Ever since Ed Sheeran became mainstream I haven t really listened to his music In fact I don t listen to most artists who are mainstream such as Katy Perry or One Direction I only listen to them when their songs are played in public like on the radio or if one of their songs happens to be really catchy This isn t the case for every mainstream artist such as Kendrick Lamar or Beyonc but only for artists who mainly perform under the category of pop It just seems that recently pop songs sound similar to one another For instance Shape of You and Galway Girl have different instruments but they follow the same kind of beat and format When I was organizing my Spotify playlists I noticed how similar they were and just placed them in my pop song playlist Then when I started listening to some of the songs in each of the playlists I noticed that they all sound similar in terms of melody and the artists voice Each of my playlist were essentially a collection of EDM songs rap songs pop songs and instrumental music

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