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Deborah Bor GE Cluster Seminar Week 2 Journal Assigned Sound Example Woodstock 1969 The performances I watched were I Want to Take you Higher by Sly and the Family Stone I feel like I m fixing to die rag by Country Joe McDonald and Izabella by Jimi Hendrix These three performances were of different genres but they came together to represent as well as embrace the counterculture movement at Woodstock in 1969 More than half a million people were in attendance although by the time of Hendrix s performance there were only a small crowd left People were in their natural state with their messy often long hair and wearing either loose casual clothing or none at all Given their mellow image it was interesting to see how the audience became energized and enraptured by the music played by each of the artists at the Woodstock People responded the most to Sly and the Family Stone s performance compared to the other performances I watched It might be due to the genre being funk the time of the performance at night and how the members of the group were actively moving about on stage There was a lot of soul characteristics such as call and response in which the crowded chanted higher after Sly repeatedly sang the one line I want to take you higher as well as his vocalization In contrast McDonald had to encourage the audience to chant and sing along as most of the audience were sitting down and seemed lackadaisical However McDonald performed by himself and did not dance around on stage Towards the end the song gained momentum with the audience as people starting getting up and loudly chanting the lyrics The audience for Hendrix also seemed drained of energy but it could be because it was towards the end of three activity packed nights of the festival Hendrix himself seemed to be unaware of the audience and just immersed himself in playing the guitar closing his eyes with his mouth wide open in what seemed to be an experience of depersonalization It was most impressive when he started playing the electric guitar with his teeth something that stood out to me as experimental something that would also describe the counterculture movement as trying things that there not of the norm In terms of clothing all three of the performers wore what represented themselves and the music they were playing McDonald wore a headband and a soldier s uniform shirt which starkly emphasizes the satirical tone of the anti war song he was performing Sly and the Family Stone wore shiny glittery outfits which seemed to represent the high energy they possess The one who stood out was Sly who wore a white outfit with tassels and a chain which to me seems to make a statement on the desire for freedom of movement by the tassels but there is the chain that holds him and many other oppressed groups back Hendrix also wore an outfit with tassels which could also stand to mean freedom and movement Every one of them had natural hair and did not try to conceal what and who they were Music Log of Wednesday 4 12 Loud blasting music from the field in the morning Various songs by Logic That s what I like and 24K Magic by Bruno Mars Rap music from the earbuds of a person I was next to while in the elevator Classic music for study playlist Glaychester by Drake I was quite irritated for being woken up so early by the music being played from the field Even if a song came on that I knew and liked I could not find it in me in to enjoy the music as I felt overcome with tiredness and annoyance to be up so early when I did not have to On the way to class I was much more energetic as I listened to the rapper Logic and was really feeling his flow For some reason I had Bruno Mars stuck in my head most likely due to the fact that I had watched a video of someone dancing to one of his songs so I played two of his songs Both of them were quite catchy and had a certain funk to them that really boosted my mood and energy level While I often enjoy listening to rap and hip hop music it is not something I usually listen with other people since it catches them off guard that I would be into that type of music So while I was in the elevator with like three other strangers there was complete silence except for the sounds of the elevator moving and a guy s rap music playing loudly from his earbuds I found it amusing that even though he checked to see if his music can be heard by others he did not bother to adjust the volume and I found myself observing the reactions of other people to his music Back in my room I decided to listen to some classical music while I study and was able to be focused on doing my homework It was felt nostalgic to listen to pieces that I had once played before on the piano and soothing as well Late at night I had dance practice and we were practicing a piece to Glaychester by Drake Since it was not played simply for my enjoyment but rather something for me to properly dance to I was more focused on the beats For the most part I have noticed that I pay more attention to the instrumentals of a song rather than the lyrics

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