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TEACHING FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR IMPROVING THE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT OF AFRICAN AMERICAN AND LATINO STUDENTS by Hannah Chin Pratt A Project Submitted to the Faculty of The Evergreen State College In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree Master in Teaching 2007 ii This Project for the Master in Teaching Degree By Hannah Chin Pratt has been approved for The Evergreen State College by Dr Scott Coleman Member of the Faculty iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank Dr Scott Coleman for being an inspirational teacher and mentor I felt lucky to have his support as faculty reader in this project Thank you to Dr Sonja Wiedenhaupt for patiently listening to my zillion questions and showing me that I had the resources in myself to complete the project I would also like to thank Dr Sherry Walton for her invaluable support early in the process as she helped me to identify relevant research and told me to start writing I give thanks to my friends in the MIT 2007 cohort for their support laughter hysteria big booty games whiskey phone calls dance breaks and music jams Thanks for your encouragement vision and friendship I also give my gratitude to my brother Weston for cooking so many meals doing all the dishes convincing me to go out dancing when I needed it and coaxing me to keep on writing Thank you to my loved ones in San Marcos La Laguna Guatemala for your dignity your grace your smiles your language your friendship your tortillas Thank you for teaching me for accepting me for fueling the fire inside me to work for social justice and for putting my life in the context of a larger world picture Finally thank you to teachers and students everywhere who are struggling to change the status quo Qu viva la revoluci n iv ABSTRACT This paper examines the contextual situation of students of color within the public education system and identifies effective strategies for teaching for social justice in a diverse secondary foreign language classroom

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