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S S E N Y Your final case presentation is the culmination of the fall quarter I S ET U work in ethics and an opporuntiy to practice presentation B CI O skills and a variety of skills related to decision making and S FINAL CASE PRESENTATION collaboration Announcing The First Ever Pymwymi Interdisciplinary Conference on Ethics Management December 6 2005 Featuring 15 or so presentations of exciting case based ethical reasoning dramatic discussions and somewhat restrained and embarrassing performances by the Super Tone Hosmer Dancers Each of the fifteen group presentations will include an exciting promotional poster dynamic keepsake handouts or pamphlets spellbinding media presentations real time interactive discussions eloquent monologues and of course that crazy Hosmer touch The Analytical Process for the Resolution of Moral Problems in A on i t c Expectations Your case group will THE FINAL PRESENTATION ENCOURAGES YOU TO DEVELOP AND EXHIBIT SOME OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING PROGRAM LEARNING GOALS Select an existing ethics in business or management case You may select from Hosmer or from another book of cases our library has many Keep in mind that most texts utilize cases alongside essays lessons or concepts that apply directly to the issues in the case This is an advantage to you Use it Select your case by Friday 11 18 and let your faculty know what it is provide him her with a photocopy or printout of the case materials if not in Hosmer Use Hosmer s model and any other concepts for ethical reasoning that you encounter to examine the case MOST IMPORTANTLY Your goal is both to resolve to your satisfaction the ethical dilemma and to understand the moral economic legal and ethical issues that make your case interesting The learning goals to the right should act as a guide and provide a sense of how your work will be evaluated working with moral and ethical dilemmas using critical thinking and quantitative skills understanding moral reasoning skills and the principles that

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