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Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Bus 100 - Basic Accounting Skills

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BUS X100 1nd Edition Lecture 10 Outline of Last Lecture I What is a team a Effective team characteristics b Co operative group characteristics II Group Decisions Making a Facts III Six Step Action Oriented Decision Making Process a Steps IV Types of Formal Teams a Management teams quality circle work teams project teams and virtual teams V The Five Stages of Group Development a Forming storming norming performing and adjourning VI Team Effectiveness a Characteristics VII Group Cohesiveness and Productivity VIII Demonstrating Team Leadership IX Tips on Team Leadership X Handling Conflict XI Organizational Skills These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute XII Social Loafing Characteristics of Effective Teams Outline of Current Lecture Accounting Keeping Score I Accounting and the Management Process a definition b planning organizing directing controlling review modify II Users of Accounting Information a management government agencies stockholders investors lenders suppliers competitors III Relationships between Information Intelligence Risk a description IV Management Information System MIS a description V Accounting a three types b definition VI Types of Accounting a Financial Accounting b Managerial Accounting c Tax Accounting VII Financial Accounting a key steps VIII Financial Reports a facts IX Fundamental Rule of Double Entry Accounting a debits credits X Sequence of the Accounting Cycle a step 1 4 XI Financial Statements a four types of key documents XII Independent Auditor s Opinion of Financial Statements a 6 responsibilities of the auditor when expressing an opinion XIII Financial Accounting Summary a audience purpose requires results responsibility and opinion Current Lecture I Accounting and the Management Process II III IV V VI VII a management is the process of leading and coordinating people along with other resources to achieve the organization

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