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2004 2005 Expedition Luke Sandro Luke Sandro teaches high school biology at Springboro High School in Ohio He has collaborated with Dr Lee several times in the past including helping to write the educational outreach portion of the grant proposal for this trip DECEMBER 2004 December 16 2004 Springboro Ohio 39 N Latitude Ten days until we leave I have to admit I m a little nervous I still have so much to do to prepare I m writing lesson plans for my substitute teacher making sure she knows how to teach my classes buying some supplies a warm hat waterproof boots sunglasses also finding more and more teachers to put on our mailing list I hope that a lot of teachers and students read our updates and go to our website The other teachers are having a going away party for me after school today with cake for everyone Our plane leaves on the day after Christmas My friends keep asking me if I ll bring them home a penguin and I have to tell them that even if I was allowed I don t think a penguin would fit very well in my luggage December 27 2004 Punta Arenas Chile 52 S Latitude I got on a plane yesterday at 5 pm in Cincinnati flew to Dallas Texas and then took a 9 hour flight to Santiago Chile I slept a little bit on the plane Also I sat next to somebody famous Peter Yarrow from the folk music group Peter Paul and Mary who wrote and sang Puff the Magic Dragon Very nice guy Then we had to go through customs where our passports and bags were inspected Then we got on another plane that flew from Santiago to Punta Arenas Chile near the southern tip of South America There were about 20 people on this plane that will also be on our ship to Antarctica some of them are scientists others will help run the ship Now we re in Punta Arenas Chile The first thing I noticed here is that the trees and bushes are all leaning quite a bit to one side This is because the wind is very strong and usually blows in the same direction It s amazing how the environment an organism lives in really shapes

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