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TITLE Survival Strategies The Miners o f Donetsk in the Post Soviet Er a AUTHOR Lewis H Siegelbaum Michiga n State Universit y Stephen F Crowley Duke University THE NATIONAL COUNCI L FOR SOVIET AND EAST EUROPEA N RESEARC H 1755 Massachusetts Avenue N W Washington D C 20036 PROJECT INFORMATION CONTRACTOR Media Networ k PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS Lewis H Siegelbau m Daniel J Walkowitz COUNCIL CONTRACT NUMBER 807 1 0 DATE April 16 199 3 COPYRIGHT INFORMATION Individual researchers retain the copyright on work products derived from research funded b y Council Contract The Council and the U S Government have the right to duplicate written reports and other materials submitted under Council Contract and to distribute such copies within th e Council and U S Government for their own use and to draw upon such reports and materials fo r their own studies but the Council and U S Government do not have the right to distribute o r make such reports and materials available outside the Council or U S Government without th e written consent of the authors except as may be required under the provisions of the Freedom o f Information Act 5 U S C 552 or other applicable law The work leading to this report was supported by contract funds provided by the National Council fo r Soviet and East European Research The analysis and interpretations contained in the report are those of th e author Content s Summary v Introduction 1 The Donbass Miners Movement 1989 92 Orientation and Agenda The Politics of Representation 3 4 9 A Tale of Two Mines 13 Kuibyshev The Restoration of Enterprise Paternalism The October Mine NPG Insurgency Facing the Future 15 21 24 iii Survival Strategies The Miners of Donetsk in the Post Soviet Era Summary This essay is based on fieldwork undertaken in Donetsk over a span of some thre e years and most recently in the summer of 1992 It consists of two parts an overview of th e miners movement in the Donbass and an analysis of strategies pursued by labor an d management at

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