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Conversing in the Cloud Ryan Kupfer Scott Wetter Bryan Welfel Shekhar Pradhan Outline MixPool defined The hurdles A prime example of an application utilizing cloud technology The technologies The architecture of the app and its deployment on Amazon Web Services MixPool Defined The MixPool app consists of two main components Connect and Decide Groups of friends are formed in the Connect component Groups of friends can decide what to do and where to go in the Decide component Application Hurdles Supporting asynchronous chat AWS instances are optimized for their specific tasks Processing applications bots exist in the cloud User count fluctuates Scale up and scale down quickly System Architecture Technologies Amazon Web Services the Powered by Amazon Web Services logo and name any other AWS Marks used in such materials are trademarks of Amazon com Inc or its affiliates in the United States and or other countries Lightweight high performance web server and reverse proxy server Load balancing Serves static content Images Video CSS Javascript Flash swf Most common web server Very stable Great for serving dynamic content Used for CakePHP application CakePHP CakePHP is an open source web application framework for producing web applications It is written in PHP modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails MySQL Open source Great community Good performance Scalable if necessary Replication Clustering Bots Connect to chat servers and process conversations We chose Java for our bot development One of the most popular OOP languages Easy to find programmers Many libraries available to complete our tasks quickly NLP Suggestion Bot Chat room messages are analyzed in real time to identify the needs of users e g casual place and occurrences of restaurant names cuisines and dishes Sentiments expressed in the message regarding these are identified Based on these sentiments and user needs scores are assigned to restaurants cuisines and dishes A restaurant is suggested based on this score

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