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Leadership Training Curriculum Becoming a Leader Purpose The purpose of this session is to explain three critical elements in leadership and challenge the class to reach for them Objectives This session will help you to 1 2 3 4 Define what a leader is Explain to someone else the three critical elements of leadership Develop a personal plan for developing your leadership abilities Feel more confident in developing your leadership abilities Key Scripture 1 Timothy 3 1 Instructor could start here with three short descriptions of leaders telling what set them apart defined them as leaders One could be about a great well known leader probably a political religious leader like Churchill Lincoln or Gandhi Another could be about a not aswell known leader maybe a businessman Finally tell about an everyday kind of leader someone who never achieved wide scale recognized greatness but who made a significant impact through his leadership This could be someone as simple as a dad or mom a local political or religious leader a teacher or anyone who led others to do right things Give only enough detail that they know this person was a leader When you are done with all three you ll ask the questions that follow The point you want them to arrive at is that they were all leaders just at different levels 1 Which of these was a leader Allow them to answer 2 If they were all leaders what then do we mean by the word leader Allow them to answer 3 When we ask you to become the leader you were meant to be which of these are we asking of you This is a rhetorical question in that we want them to be the third I Introduction In Luke 19 15 23 Jesus shared a parable of 10 men to whom their master gave one mina each to invest while he was away Upon his return he asked for an accounting One had made 10 more another 5 He praised both of them and put them in charge of an amount of cities equal to the increase in their minas The third however did nothing with his The master rebuked him took his mina

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