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Course Name Subject Area s Career Path s School Marine Biology Laboratory Science Marine Sciences Natural Resources Animo Leadership Charter High School Contact Information 1155 W Arbor Vitae Inglewood CA 90301 310 316 3277 Fax 310 216 7934 District Instructor Schools with Same or Similar Courses Lennox Unified School District Mark L Friedman None Course Description Animo Leadership Charter High School High School Course Description Name of Course Department Marine Biology Grade Level 9 12 Science I COURSE DESCRIPTION This Marine biology course builds upon and extends biological concepts developed during earlier science courses Students take an in depth look at the physical chemical and geological characteristics of the world s oceans They then investigate the structure functions behaviours adaptations and classification of a variety of plant and animals that live in the marine environment Students learn how energy flows and matter cycles through the Earth s ocean system and they investigate the impact of humans on that system Laboratory activities include dissection experimentation data collection and data analysis that develop scientific investigation and scientific thinking skills Also included are several field trips to Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Sea Lab Malibu lagoon and one half day research trip on UCLA research vessel II LENGTH OF COURSE One Year If class will meet more than one period per day indicate 1 Hour and 30 Minutes III SPECIFIC COURSE DESCRIPTION A Recommended Level General College Prep B GPA Credits Credited Calculated in GPA C IV Prerequisites Foundations of Science and or prior middle school biology course Concurrent enrolment in or completion of Algebra 1 Geometry or higher HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION CREDITS A Subject Area Science B Credits 5 0 Semester Course is Repeatable Non repeatable C Course meets requirement s for High School Graduation University of California California State University entrance Science laboratory science College Preparatory

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