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Chapter 9 Nervous System Nervous System Function The nervous system is composed of neurons and neuroglia at the ends of peripheral nerves gather information and convert it into nerve impulses When sensory impulses are integrated in the brain as this is the integrative function of the nervous system Conscious or subconscious decisions follow leading to motor functions via The Central Nervous System is made up of the and The Peripheral Nervous System is made up of the and nerves Neuroglial Cells fill spaces support neurons provide structural frameworks produce myelin and carry on phagocytosis Four are found in the and the last in the cells are small cells that phagocytize bacterial cells and cellular debris form myelin in the brain and spinal cord are near blood vessels and support structures aid in metabolism and respond to brain injury by filling in spaces cover the inside of ventricles and form choroid plexuses within the ventricles cells are the myelin producing neuroglia of the peripheral nervous system Neurons Structure A neuron has a with mitochondria lysosomes a Golgi apparatus chromatophilic substance Nissl bodies containing rough endoplasmic eticulum and neurofibrils Nerve fibers include a solitary out going and numerous which bring in the impulse from the receptors Larger axons in the PNS are enclosed by sheaths of provided by cells and are myelinated fibers How do these cells produce this covering The outer layer of covering in the peripheral neurons is called What is its function Narrow gaps in the myelin sheath are called of Neuron Types By Structure Describe the three types of neurons as classified by structure How do they differ By function neurons afferent neurons conduct impulses from to the CNS and are usually what type peripheral although some are bipolar neurons are multipolar neurons lying within the CNS that form links between other neurons neurons are multipolar neurons that conduct impulses from the CNS to effectors Cell Membrane Potential A

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