Lab 5


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2 Lab 5 Acoustic Signals and the Heart I Background A For background on the cardiac exam read the attached handout entitled The Heart Exam Chest Auscultation courtesy of Dr Ptak B For a brief audio visual tutorial of heart sounds visit the following website http www blaufuss org Then click on the START button next to Heart Sounds Tutorial II Introduction A In this lab you ll hear and see acoustical signals and learn how to interpret them You ll apply various transformations to them and measure sound frequencies Finally you ll apply this knowledge to heart sounds both on a sample of normal and abnormal heart sound recordings and then on your own heart B Objectives for this lab 1 Understand frequency and period of periodic and quasi periodic signals 2 Observe the effects of high pass and low pass filters and how to use them to analyze a signal 3 Understand heart sounds and compare the acoustical and electrical signals generated by your own heart III Materials A Headphones 1 You ll use these throughout the first part of the lab so that the room doesn t become impossibly noisy 2 Pass them amongst your lab group members so that everybody can hear the signals being studied B Tuning fork 1 This is a tuning fork which is designed to oscillate at a given frequency printed on the base of the fork 2 To avoid damaging the tuning fork don t bang it against anything hard You can strike it against your hand or against the carpeting on the lab bench C Earplugs 1 These are foam plugs that you can use to block noise in an ear 2 To use an earplug compress or roll it into a thin rod and insert it into your ear Then wait The earplug will gradually expand to fill the passage in your ear canal D Vernier microphone 1 This is a simple microphone whose output can be read by Logger Pro 2 The microphone should already be outfitted to one ear of the stethoscope E Stethoscope 1 This is a standard medical stethoscope which has been modified so that one earpiece is now connected to a microphone

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