Reproduction (continued)

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Reproduction (continued)

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Bisc 307l - General Physiology
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BISC 307L 1st Edition Lecture 20 Current Lecture  Structure of Testes o o mostly seminiferous tubules o leydig cells in between the tubules are the testosterone secreting cells o big cells – sertoli cells – surround and nourish sperm o small cells- spermatogonia stem cells o differentiation occurs as they move o acrosome contains enzymes and carbohydrates that swell when they contact water so that they can penetrate the oocyte o takes 70 days before you get sperm- every day several hundred million sperm are produced o if not ejaculated they just get destroyed  Endocrine Control of Testicular Function o o Control begins with the GnRh secreted in the hypothalamus o Testosterone feeds back and stimulates the sertoli cells Reproduction 2  Female Reproductive Anatomy o ovary is where testes used to be – the follicle produces the oocyte

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