Thyroid and Growth Hormone II

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Thyroid and Growth Hormone II

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University of Southern California
Bisc 307l - General Physiology
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BISC 307L 1st Edition Lecture 18 Current Lecture  Control of Growth Hormone Secretion o o Growth hormone secretion from somatotrophs of APDirectly stimulated by GHRH and SS inhibits secretion from anterior pituitaryGH affects indirectly by stimulating liver to secrete IGF-1 and directly by stimulating target cells (results in 3 different )  Direct on stimulating growth  Indirect effect by IGF circulating in tissue  Indirect from liver IGF-1 o IGF-1 feedback and inhibit o 1. Strong age dependent pattern to growth hormone release (at hypothalamus)  Post natal life mainly  After birth GH secretion high in children and rises until puberty where is reaches its peak and start a slow steady decline for the rest of life o 2. Circadian rhythm (hypothalamus) o 3. Fall in plasma glucose  From a high level (after a meal)  Stimulates GH secretion  Part of normal response to eating  Energy being stored can be utilized to power tissue growth

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