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Alkaline Methanol Fuel Cell Tam Duong Dr Yushan Yan Fuel Cell Electrochemical device Convert chemical energy into electricity Having two electrodes Positive cathode and Negative anode Reaction with the presence of electrolyte Working depends on the catalyst System Cell system with rotating disk reference electrode platinum wire and gas vent Why Methanol Fuel Cell Methanol has high energy density Easy to store in liquid state in room temperature Fuel cell works as a battery that doesn t go down or need to be charged Highly promising to serve as a power source for cell phones and laptops Reduce the pollution Methanol Fuel Cell Alkaline Methanol Fuel Cell Hydroxide flow from cathode to anode Current CH 3OH 6OH CO2 5 H 2O 6e OH 3 O2 3H 2O 6e 2 6OH Waste Products Water and Carbon Dioxide Toxic and flammable In 2005 ICAO International Civil Avitation Organization DGP Dangerous Food Panel voted to allow passengers to carry and uses micro fuel cell when travelling aboard Basic Information Nafion membrane ionomer Qualified Power W 100 kW to 1MW Working temperature 90 120 deg C Electrical efficiency Cell 20 30 System 10 20 Typical fuel cell 0 6 0 7 V Method of Collecting Data Coating the glassy carbon electrode with the calculated volume of catalyst Sample Volume Electrode Area Loading Area Solution Concentration 10 ul of 05 Nafion Making 250 mL electrolyte 0 1M KOH Setting the cell up with Pt wire and the reference electrode Connecting the gas vent Blowing gas into the cell and record data Cyclic Voltammetry mA Oxidation One type of potential electrochemical measurement Potential scanning Forward sweep reversible oxidation Reversed sweep Reduction Used to calculate the surface area Reduction V Basic Shape of a CV curve Table of Samples and Results Tested Samples Loadings g cm2 Ag C Ag C AgNW AgNW AgNW Au SeNW PdNT Pd Pt Pd Pt Ni 50 100 50 100 600 100 300 50 100 150 320 ORR without MeOH ORR With MeOH MOR HOR Calculating the Theoretical Surface Area A 4 3 r d m 3 Calculating

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