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Drexel SDP GK 12 ACTIVITY Activity Construct a Car Subject Area s Physical Science Problem Solving Science Technology Associated Unit Forget the Chedda Activity Title Construct a Car Grade Level 7 5 12 Time Required Two 2 hour periods Group Size 1 3 Expendable Cost per Group US 5 Summary In this activity students are challenged to build a mousetrap powered vehicle from the everyday items supplied A basic design is included in Mousetrap Car Plans and subsequent activities will use the basic car as a model for experiments that will highlight physical concepts that can be used to improve the design of the car Engineering Connection This activity depends on students ability to interpret and follow instructions and diagrams Interpretation of architectural drawings or computer aided drafting CAD designs is necessary for many engineering processes such as construction or manufacturing Keywords Build construct mousetrap car plans Educational Standards PA Science o 3 1 7 Unifying themes o 3 2 7 D Know and use the technological design process to solve problems Learning Objectives After this activity students should be able to Follow a diagram Order and align components of a mousetrap vehicle Identify and use variety of design strategies Materials List Each group needs Container to keep their parts and car To share with the entire class Selection of building materials o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Compact discs 1 2 Wood dowels with 13 64 holes bored in each end Large craft sticks with holes drilled in each end 1 2 inner diameter rubber grommets Fully threaded x 3 hex head bolts 1 4 lock washers 1 4 star washers 1 4 finish nuts 1 4 fender washers 1 4 washers 1 4 wood screws 1 2 Eyebolts GOOP adhesive Wire twist ties Duct tape 2 Introduction Motivation Who has built things at home Poll for show of hands Even if you don t feel like you can build something I m sure you can put together a mousetrap powered car What are some things you need to build something like a mousetrap car

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