Pancreatic Hormones Part 1

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Pancreatic Hormones Part 1

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Bisc 307l - General Physiology
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BISC 307L 1st Edition Lecture 14 Current Lecture  Flow of Molecules through metabolism o o Looks at the flow of molecules through metabolism as if it were plumbing o Top shows food molecules entering body as fats carbs and proteins o Bottom tubs are the pools in the blood plasma of the immediately available molecular components of these molecules (glucose, fatty acids, amino acids)  Pools are what the body’s cells use o Above the pools are the storage forms of these molecules o All cells have protein in them- the ones with the most are skeletal muscle- these can be broken down easiest to restore the amino acid pool o This breakdown does not disturb their function o Connecting storage pools with the immediately available pools are the actions that break these things down o Cells can take excess glucose and convert to fat- type of lipogenesis o Carb store- glycogen replenished by glycogenesis and broken down by glycogenolysis o Amino acids broken down by proteolysis and protein synthesis is how its replenished o Some lateral pipes-  Glucose can be synthesized by amino acids o Normal metabolism in those tissues area powered by fatty acids or glucose o Excess nutrients are put back in storage forms o Red lines are range of normal glucose o BRAIN  Taps into glucose at a level lower than the red line which most tissues cant  Importance of this ability: the brain depends upon glucose more than any other tissue because it is highly metabolically active and cannot store any form of energy o All starts with you eating  Control of Appetite and Satiety o o All starts with you eating  In recent years there has been an explosion of research findings on the control of appetite  Satiety: not being hungry  We must ensure that we have adequate fuel to power metabolism  Control is complicated  Before adipocyte is tumor necrosis factor, retinol  Control resides in hypothalamus- The box

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