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Undergraduate Council Senate TransmissionFebruary 5, 2004The following proposal was considered and approved by the Undergraduate Council:New CourseAAS/HIS 360 Race and Sports in America (3)This reading seminar examines the history of race and sport in American.Prereq: NoneCross-listed as HIS 360UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKYAPPLICATION FOR NEW COURSESubmitted by College of Arts and SciencesDate Ju.lY 7,2003DepartmentIDivision offering course: African American Studies and Research ProgramProposed designation and Bulletin description of this course:(a) PrefIX and Number AASIHIS 360 (b) Title* Race and Sports in America*NOTE: If the title is longer than 24 characters (including spaces), writea sensible title (not exceeding 24 characters) for use in transcripts: Race & Sports in America(c) Lecture/Discussion hours per week(d) Laboratory hours per week:e)Studiohours per week{t) Credits 3(g) Course description: This reading seminar examines the history of race and sport in America.(h) Prerequisites (if any): None(i) May be repeated to a maximum ofcredits. (~PliCa~le ~ / / /J/V .at.{.) ~/~~~~--r~ -Signature, Chainnan, cross-listing department4.To be cross-listed as:HIS 360Prefix & No.Effective Date:(semester and year)Cou~seto be offeredX (a) FallX (b) Spring(c) SummerWill the course be offered each year?(Explain if not annually):X (a) Yes(b) NoWhy is this course needed: It expands the curriculum in African American StudiesBy whom will the course be taught? Dr.. Gerald L. Smith(b)Are facilities for teaching the course now available!If not, what plans have been made for providing them?X (a) Yes(b) NoUNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKYAPPLICATION FOR NEW COURSEPAGE20F310.What enrollment may be reasonably anticipated? 20ItWill this course serve students in the Departnient primarily?X (a) Yes~) NoX (a) Yes(b) NoWill it be of service to a si~ificant number of students outside the Department?If so, explain.This course will attract students inhistory, sociology, education: and journalism.Will the course serve as a University Studies Program course?(a) YesX (b) Nolfyes! under what Area?12.Check the category most applicable to this course:xtraditional; offered in corresponding departments elsewhere;relatively new, now being widely establishednot yet to be found in many (or any) other universities13.Is this course applicable to the requirements for at least one degree or certificateat the Univer~ity of Kentucky?X (a) Yes(b) No14.Is this course part ora proposed new program?If yes, which?(a) YesX (b) NoWill adding this course change the degree requirements mone or more programs?*If yes, explain the change(s) below:(a) YesX (b) No16..Attach a list of the major teaching objectives of the proposed course, outline and/or reference list to be used,17If the course is a 100-200 level course, please submit evidence (e.g., correspondence) that the Community CollegeSystem has been consulted.18 Within the Department, who should be contacted for furthermfoffilation about the proposed course?Name/e-mail: Dr. Gerald L.Smith/[email protected] Phone Extension: 7-3593*NOTE: Approval of this course will constitute approval of the program change unless other program modifications are proposed.UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKYAPPLICATION FOR NEW COURSEPAGE 3 OF3~;;:;:;i::::;::::::~-~D~'i:rDean of the College~" ~~ ~ t<A...t; ../~ ~ J*Undergraduate Council,; /?: /CJ -1DateOGf 1 4 2nO3DateAUG 15 ZOOJDate of Notice to the FacultyCJ ..2...(!".r-- " yDate*University StudiesDate*Graduate CouncilDate* Academic Council for the Medical CenterDate*Senate Council (Chair)Date of Notice to Univ. Senate*If applicable, as provided by the Rules of the University. SenateAcnON OTHER mAN AFPROV AL:Rev 8/02AASIHIS 360 Race and Sports in AmericaCourse 0 Student Le .Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to:Explain the historical roots of racism in American sportsDemonstrate a balanced awareness of the ideological issues and debates involvingAfrican American athletes and sports7.Analyze the scientific arguments associated with race and sports---Apply critical thinking skills to the cultural, political, and economic factors facingAfrican American

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