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Anatomy (ABIO 232) Spring 2007 Instructors: Lecture and Lab Section 001: Dr. Michelle Vieyra Office: SBLG 209 Phone: 641-3608 Email: [email protected] Lab Section 002: Dr. Norris O’Dell Office: SBLG 111-B Phone: Email: [email protected] Lecture: Admin Building 106; TTH 9:25AM-10:40AM Laboratory: Science Building 104; T 1:40PM- 4:20PM TH 3:05PM- 5:45PM Textbook: Human Anatomy by McKinley and O’Loughlin Lab Manual: Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual w/ Cat Dissection by Marieb Lab Supplies: Dissection kit with scissors, scalpel and probe, gloves. Course Description/ Objectives: A survey of the organization, structure, function and development of human anatomical systems. Students should become adept at identifying and describing the organization, structure and development of the human body across the hierarchy of cells, tissues, organs, and systems. Evaluation: 60% of your grade will be based on lecture exams/ activities and 40% on laboratory exams and quizzes as follows: 4 Lecture Exams 100 points each 400 points 1 Final Exam 100 points 100 points 3 Essays 10 points each 30 points 1 Presentation 10 points 10 points 3 Lab Exams 100 points each 300 points 5 Lab Quizzes 10 points each 50 points Lab Participation 10 points 10 points Grading Scale: A 810-900 B+ 765-809 B 720-764 C+ 675-719 C 630-674 D+ 585-629 D 540-584 F below 540Lecture Exams: Lecture exams will cover only the material presented since the last exam. Lecture exams can not be made up unless under extraordinary, documented circumstances. All lecture exams will be made up of a combination of multiple choice, short answer and essay questions. Final Exam: The final exam will be cumulative in a format similar to the lecture exams. Lab Exams: Lab exams will be given in a round robin format where the students rotate between 25 stations with 4 questions at each station. Lab exam questions will address the identification or function of a labeled structure and be short answer. Due to the time involved in setting up a lab exam there will be no lab exam make-ups. Lab Quizzes: Lab quizzes will address information from the previous lab or the current lab. You are responsible for reading the material for lab before attending lab. These quizzes may be of any format including multiple choice, short answer, true/false, or essay. Essays: You will be asked to write 3 one page essays exploring a lab or lecture topic in more detail. These essays will focus on the medical, pharmacological or exercise science aspects of the topics to help students relate the content to their chosen field of study. Lab Presentation: You will be asked to give a 2 minute summery of one of your 3 essay topic in lecture class. This will give the class a survey of how topics learned in class relate to the outside world. Lab Participation: This includes good laboratory etiquette such as cleanliness and teamwork as well as participation in lab discussions. Additional Comments: You are expected to follow the honor pledge on every assignment: “On my honor as a University of South Carolina at Aiken student, I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on the assignment/examination. To the best of my knowledge, I am not in violation of academic dishonesty.” If you have a physical, psychological and/or learning disability which might affect your performance in this course please contact the Office of Disability Services, 126A B&E, (803)641-3609 as soon as possible. If you have questions or need help with anything in this course please email your instructor and set up an appointment to meet with him/her. Dr. Vieyra will generally be available MWF afternoons.Lab Schedule: Week of Topic Quiz 23-Jan Intro, cells, mitosis 30-Jan Histology, integument Q1 6-Feb Skeleton Q2 13-Feb Exam I 20-Feb Muscles (skin cat) 27-Feb Muscles II 6-Mar Respiratory/Digestive Q3 13-Mar SPRING BREAK - NO LABS 20-Mar Urinary (kidney)/Reproductive 27-Mar Exam II 3-Apr Circulatory (Heart) 10-Apr Nervous (brain/spinal cord) Q4 17-Apr Nervous/ Sensory (eyes) Q5 24-Apr Exam III Lecture Schedule: Date Topic Chapter 16-Jan Intro, Body Organization 1 18-Jan The cell, mitosis 2 23-Jan Development, meiosis 3 25-Jan Tissues I 4 30-Jan Tissues II 4 1-Feb Integument 5 6-Feb EXAM I 8-Feb Skeleton I 6,7 13-Feb Skeleton II 8,9 15-Feb Muscles I 10,11 20-Feb Muscles II 12 22-Feb Respiratory System 25 27-Feb EXAM II 1-Mar Digestive System I 26 6-Mar Digestive System II 26 8-Mar Urinary System 27 13-Mar SPRING BREAK - NO CLASS 15-Mar SPRING BREAK - NO CLASS 20-Mar Reproductive System I 28 22-Mar Reproductive System II 28 27-Mar Cirulatory System I 21 29-Mar Circulatory System II 22,23 3-Apr Lymphatic System 24 5-Apr EXAM III 10-Apr Nervous System I 14,15 12-Apr Nervous System II 16,17 17-Apr Nervous System III 18 19-Apr Sensory Systems 19 24-Apr Endocrine System 20 26-Apr EXAM IV 3-May FINAL EXAM -

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