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Chapter 22 Nuclear

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CHAPTER 22. NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY We will spend two lecture days on this chapter.  Day 1. Sections 1 – 4. We will cover isotopes, a, b, g, etc, nuclear stability, types of decay, kinetics of radioactivity, nuclear equations.  Day 2. Sections 6 – 10: We will cover uses of radioactivity: dating, medical, transmutations, binding energy, fission, fusion, controlled nuclear reactions, radiation. Section 22.1 ❏ Define nucleon, isotope, nuclide, and nuclear reaction. ❏ Summarize the differences between nuclear reactions and chemical reactions. Section 22.2 ❏ Define radioactivity and radionuclide. ❏ Write balanced equations for nuclear reactions, identifying the types of radiation and nuclides involved. ❏ Do problems 1 and 2 on page 907, problem 20 on page 931, and problems 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 on pages 932 and 933. Section 22.3 ❏ Use the integrated first-order rate law, solving for half-life, decay constant, or ratio of nuclei initially present to nuclei present at time t. ❏ Do problems 3 – 7 on page 910, and problems 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, and 58 on page 933. Section 22.4 ❏ Use the neutron/proton plot for stable isotopes to determine whether a given nuclide is expected to be stable or unstable. ❏ Identify nuclear decay processes and the identity of nuclides involved in nuclear decay processes. ❏ Do problems 9 and 10 on page 914, and problem 22 on page 932. Skip Section 22.5 Section 22.6 ❏ Classify nuclear reactions as fission or fusion. ❏ Calculate the energy released by a nuclear fission or fusion reaction. Section 22.7 ❏ Write balanced equations for nuclear transmutations. ❏ Do problems 15 and 16 on page 922, and problems 74, 76 and 78 on page 934. Skip Section 22.8 and 22.9. Section 22.10 ❏ Show how radiocarbon dating is used to determine the age of an object. ❏ Do problem 17 on page 927, Tell me why the stars do shine, Tell me why the ivy twines. Tell me what makes skies so blue, And I'll tell you why I love you. Nuclear fusion makes stars to shine, Tropisms make the ivy twine, Rayleigh scattering makes skies so blue, Racing hormones are why I love you. Isaac

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