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2c11-L 9/22/20111Hist. 2c: World History, 1700-presentProf. Marcuse1. How to Crash2. Warm-up3. Syllabus & RequirementsProf & TA introductions4. Course goalsWalk-in Music: Ode to Joy (Beethoven, 1824)(3:40)How to Crash (75 for 35)• You can only crash a particular section.Waitlists are kept for sections only--go to every one.Prerequisite: signing in at lecture today.• Priority will be given to:1. Students dropped because of financial aid2. History majors (or majors that require this course) a. esp. those with 2A and 2B alreadyb. then students with just 2B, or just 2A3. Seniors in majors with high pre-major requirements4. Other students who can make a reasonable argument that they are a hardship case. Hist 2A offered this quarter, Hist 2A&B in Winter; 2C (4B & 4C) and again in Spring.Warm-Up• Form groups of 5 or 6• Introduce yourselves:–Name– What section you’re in– Where you’re from– Major or area(s) of interest(continuing students: best courses at UCSB)– A favorite activity– What is the first historical event you can remember?What you may(should) be wondering:1. Is this the right course for me?2. Does the teacher seem competent & fair?3. How much work will be required?4. How will I be evaluated?Syllabus Review• Versions and Packages (see website)•– Announcements, past grades & materials, linksIntroductions: Prof. Marcuse• Physics major—Seabrook, NH• Senior year in Germany:Freiburg Cathedral to Dachau memorial site ( 9/22/20112How monuments relate to past events• 1985 exhibition of World War II memorials– soldiers, – civilians, and – concentration camp memorials“Reception History”How people perceive events“Stones of Contention”Ph.D. thesis about history of Dachau c.c. after1945• What do we learn?• How do we teach it?• What should we learn?Prof’s Teaching Philosophy• Two models of teaching & learning:Piggy bank (facts)Planting seedsSection ScheduleTAs• Munther• David• Sienna• Wendyen• Eric• Joshua• Cody• Brian• What is your first historical memory?• How did you get interested in ______history? (What did you do before?)• What is your goal as a historian?Section Schedule2c11-L 9/22/20113Small Groups II• What isn’t clear on the syllabus?Did you find out:1. Is this the right course for me?2. Does the teacher seem competent & fair?3. How much work will be required?4. How will I be evaluated?Comic of the Day• Learning: not facts, but how to question(and how to find answers through research)World History: PeriodsOrder these events:• Chinese Revolution• French Revolution• Haitian Revolution• Independence of India• Industrial Revolution• Russian Revolution• Taiping RebellionWorld History:PeriodsAssignment• Read two articles on Gauchospace(Made-up Minds; Why we have college)• Read Nietzsche selection(link on Gauchosp.)“On the Uses & Abuses of H. for Life”Copy out quotes that:– Define the 3 types of history he outlines(Monumental, Antiquarian, Critical)– Say how each:• BENEFITS, and• HARMS life in the present• Read textbook chapters 14 & 15• Purchase books & clicker, register

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