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His 2560, weeks 14-151. Enlightened Despotisma. Influence of Encyclopediasts and the Physiocrats [Androus, James]i. laissez faire, laissez passer (let it be made freely, let it move freely)(1) money circulates like bloodb. Catherine the Great [Arthur, Caleb] (1762-96), Russiai. promotes philosophes at Court and Enlightened reform of education systemii. yet still extended serfdomc. Joseph II [Bernth, Chris], Austria, co-regent from 1765, and ruler 1780-90, pursues “public good”Obsessed by reform.i. religious tolerationii. opened court gardens to publiciii. abolished serfdom, new penal codesiv. but also abolished ginger bread and passed edict demanding breast feedingv. when died at 49 exhausted from ceaseless activity, almost as unpopular as sister MarieAntionette was in France.d. Frederick the Great (1740-86)i. “first servant of the state”: inspected factories; worked on swamp drainage, new crops;but also forced peasants to move for his new schemes; important role of bureaucracy asKing’s servants2. Causes of French Revolution a. example of Great Britainb. American Revolution (not Brummett)i. Thomas Jefferson [Drean, Jennifer]ii. Benjamin Franklin [Drean, Jennifer]iii. Thomas Paine [Drean, Jennifer, mainly Paine]c. A social crisisd. an absolutist king?e. the triggeri. fiscal crisis3. Stages of the French Revolutiona. Aristocratic Rebellion, 1787i. Calling Estates General [Diver, Mark]ii. the cahiers de doleances [Dwyer, Elizabeth]b. Revolution of the Third Estate, Liberal Phase, 1789i. fall of old regime(1) Storming of the Bastille [Evans, Naomi](2) Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen [Hubbs, Trevor]ii. end of feudalism(1) Great Fear(2) End of feudal rights and dues(3) Constitution of 1791 [Ill, Benjamin] and the Assemblyiii. Edmund Burke and Birth of Modern Conservatism(1) Reflections on the Revolution in France (not Brummett)(2) Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man (not Brummett)c. Sans Culottes Revolution, Radical Phase, 1792i. Flight to Varennes, July 1791 and Massacre(1) Fall of Girondins [Owens, John](2) Rise of Jacobins [Leisten, Aldon]ii. the Terror(1) Paris Commune(2) Guillotine [Brooks, Nolan]iii. Maximilien Robespierre [Strode, Blake], the Jacobins, and the Committee of PublicHis 2560, weeks 14-15Safety(1) Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat by Charlotte Corday [Kosiek, Nick]iv. levée en massev. West Indians and the Friends of the Blacks (Haiti) [Burns, Erica]vi. slave revolt in Saint-Domingue (Haiti), Aug. 1791, from Voodoo service(1) Toussaint Breda (later called Toussaint L'Ouverture [Vonesh, Patrick], andsometimes the “black Napoleon”) (not Brummett)(2) Crisis for the French Colonial economy, 1801-1804vii. execution of Louis XVI, 21 Jan. 1793 [Wallace, Denaye]viii. Make terror the order of the day.ix. Jacobins (the Mountain) and the Revolutionary Tribunald. Thermidorian Reaction, 1794-99i. Fall of the Committee of Public Safety, 9 Thermidor, Year II (27 July 1794) [Brannon, James] ii. the White Terroriii. the Directorye. Napoleon, 1799-1815f. Restoration of the Bourbons, 18154. Significance of the Rev. (beginning of the Modern World)a. Enlightenment success or horror?b. total war/nationalismc. French Rev. and the WorldFor 8 December, find 5 newspaper articles (from separate dates, download and print each article) from 1789-1794that feature the boldfaced term next to your name. Read the articles and be prepared to discuss how the articles helpus know something about the person or subject and his/her/its relation to the French Revolution. This is required foryour participation in the “debate” next Tuesday. But, turning in the 5 printouts (can be a bit of the article if you havesomething like Snag-It or Capture Wiz; or the full printout) with the subject, five citations, and your name.Example,Newton Key, Jean-Paul Marat (Charlotte Corday)Evening Mail (London, England), Wednesday, August 7, 1793; Issue 696.etc.1. Booth Library a. Resources by Subject History 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection (can skip to this step only if on-campus, otherwise go through Booth link)(a) search term (in “quotes” possible, or, use advanced search if multipleterms in same article)(b) focus on 1789-94 (if a lot of “hits” use date function

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