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CSUDH TBE 540 - Start Working on Your HTML

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Start Working on Your HTML Tags/JavaScript Test!Find as many answers as you can now, then watch for the rest of them.1. The HTML used for a web page can be viewed in a browser by choosing... - View, Source - Save, Text - Tools, Show Links 2. HTML tags... - must be written in upper case - must be written in lower case - may be written in either upper or lower case 3. The tags used to begin and end a web page are... - <HTML></END> - <BEGIN><END> - <HTML></HTML> 4. Suppose you see these tags: <B>HI THERE</B>. The words "HI THERE" would appear as... - Bold - Bold Italics - Big Font 5. Which of the following would display the word TESTING as large, bold, and followed by a blank line? - <B>TESTING </B> - <H1>TESTING </H1> - <BL>TESTING </BL> 6. If you want to display a list with numbers, the tags are... - <NL></NL> - <OL></OL> - <UL></UL> 7. Which of the following is/are the correct tag(s) to display an image called HI.GIF? - <IMG=HI.GIF> - <IMG>HI.GIF</IMG> - <IMG SRC="HI.GIF"> 8. To put a line across the web page, the tag(s) is/are... - <HR> - <HR></HR> - <LINE></LINE> 9. The tag <BR> ... - puts a line across the screen - moves to the next line ("line break") - makes the text bold and right-justified 10. To put make background of a page red, use the tag(s)... - <SETBG color="red"> - <BODY bgcolor="red"> - <BG>red</BG> 11. To put an image in the background of a page, use the tag... - <BODY BACKGROUND= "tect1.gif"> - <HEAD BG="tect1.gif"> - <IMG BACKGROUND= "tect1.gif"> 12. Which of the following is true? - bit-mapped images may be used without conversion in web pages - bit-mapped images must first be converted to GIF or JPG - There is no such thing as a bit-mapped image. 13. Which of the following is true?- an animated GIF is a single file (one file name) - an animated GIF has several file names, and they all must be used inside the tag - The only way to create an animated GIF is by using Flash. 14. To make the words GO BACK into a link to HOMEPAGE.HTM, use the tags... - <A HREF="HOMEPAGE.HTM">GO BACK</A> - <L HREF="HOMEPAGE.HTM">GO BACK</L> - <A HREF="GO BACK">HOMEPAGE.HTM</A> 15. JPG stands for... - Just Photo Graphic - Joint Photographer's Expert Group - Joint Photo Graphics 16. The <MAP> tag is used for... - Making image maps (several links in one graphic) - Making website maps (automatic forwarding) - Making web page maps (list of links on a page) 17. In the link tag <A HREF="joe.htm">GO JOE</A>, the joe.htm file should be... - in the same folder - in the folder below the current page - it can be anywhere on the web 18. To display a pull-down menu on a web page FORM, the tag is... - <MENU> - <SELECT> - <SELECT MENU> 19. When you use FRAMES, the <FRAMESET> tag replaces... - <HEAD> - <BODY> - <HTML> 20. To make the words EMAIL ME into a link that sends email, use... - <A HREF="mailto:[email protected]">EMAIL ME</A> - <A HREF="[email protected]">EMAIL ME</A> - <A HREF="http://mailto:[email protected]">EMAIL ME</A> 21. JavaScript code is most commonly found in the _____ section. - <BODY> - <HEAD> - <TITLE> 22. The tags surrounding JavaScript code in a web page are... - <JavaScript></JavaScript> - <LANGUAGE="JavaScript"></LANGUAGE> - <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"></SCRIPT> 23. Which of the following is true? - JavaScript must be compiled (translated to binary) before it can be run. - JavaScript requires a special program besides the browser. - JavaScript requires no special programs or compilation; it runs within HTML. 24. JavaScript is called an "object oriented" language. This means... - It can be used to create animations. - It can address specific parts of the web page (like tables and form elements). - It can be used to search for objects on the web. 25. JavaScript uses small programs that are called... - functions - procedures -

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