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GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Education EDCD 610: Career and Educational Counseling (4 semester hours) Program Code 01325, Section 004 Fall 2004 Instructor: Lorene B. Ulrich, Ph.D. Class Location: Robinson A349 Office Hours: By appointment on Thursdays in Robinson A347 Phone: 540-230-5916 (cell) or 703-241-8576 Class Meeting Day & Time: Wednesdays, 4:30 - 8:30 pm Email: [email protected] Course Description Covers vocational choice theory, sources of occupational and educational information, approaches to career decision-making processes, and career development exploration techniques. Attention is given to application of theory to practice. Lab is included. Prerequisites: Admission to the M.Ed. in Counseling program and EDCD 525, 604, 603 or 605, and 606, 607or 609; or permission of the instructor. You must have the prerequisites to enroll in this class. Please see the instructor before the second class meeting if you have any questions. Student Outcomes At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to: --understand the major theories of career development and decision making models, appropriate assessment techniques in career counseling, the use of technology in career counseling, the career counseling needs of special populations, and career information resources. --demonstrate knowledge of the factors contributing to the career development of individuals during specific life stages. --effectively use a variety of counseling techniques to help clients assess their skills and interests, appreciate personality characteristics, and clarify values. --appropriately administer and interpret assessment instruments and apply career theory. --successfully counsel clients regarding their career goals, life planning, and /or academic decisions. --effectively utilize supervision and peer feedback to strengthen counseling skills. --understand how career counseling can further the goals of the C&D mission statement. Attendance Consistent attendance is especially important in EDCD 610 as the first eight weeks of class include intensive preparation for the lab experience. No planned absences are allowed during the lab because of our commitment to and contract with our clients. Please do not enroll in this class if you cannot fulfill this attendance policy. Relationship to Program Goals and Professional Organizations EDCD 610 prepares students to meet the career counseling and educational planning needs of clients in school, higher education and agency settings. In addition, the lab component allows students to refine and further develop basic counseling skills in a “live supervision” setting. EDCD 610 fulfills the career counseling requirement for Virginia state school counseling licensure and for the Virginia Licensed Professional Counselor credential. In addition, it fulfills the requirement of the CACREP core requirement described in Section II.K.d: An understanding of career development and related life factors. Nature of Course Delivery This course is taught using lectures, class discussions, case studies and a laboratory experience with community clients.Textbooks, Materials and Readings A. Please purchase the following: 1. Niles, S.G., & Harris-Bowlsbey, J. (2002). Career development interventions in the 21st century. Columbus: Merrill Prentice Hall. 2. Hecklinger, F. & Black, B. (2003). Training for life (8th ed.). Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt. 3. An assessment packet containing the following: Strong Interest Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Introduction to Type, and Introduction to Type and Careers. 4. A handout packet from the bookstore in the Johnson Center. 5. Self-Directed Search from the Psychological Assessment Resources website at www.self-directed-search.com. B. The Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI manuals and videotapes are on reserve in the Johnson Center Library. The Self-Directed Search manual are available from the instructor. C. Students must provide their own audio recorders and tapes for each client counseling session. Please test your equipment’s recording capability before the first client session. Electrical outlets are available in each room. Assignments The following are in addition to the weekly assignments listed in this syllabus. All written assignments must reflect APA format. A. Class participation. Be prepared to contribute significantly to a discussion of each theory focusing on the following: --background and major contributors --key concepts and assumptions --techniques and implications for counseling --strengths and weaknesses of the theory B. Journal. Each week, classes 1 through 7, prepare a (typed) reflection of no more than two pages exploring how the reading for that week relates to the setting in which you plan to work. Journal will be evaluated for accuracy in understanding and applying the readings. C. Services and web sites review. School track students should review the website of a school district anywhere in the U.S. which explains online its career services for pre-K-12 students. .Agency track students should review the website of or visit any public or private agency anywhere in the U.S. which provides career services to the general public. All students should review a website that would provide career information both for your client and/or your self. Please let me know what sites you have chosen to avoid duplication. Prepare a one -page summary on each of your reviews (i.e., one service and one web resource) which includes a description and critique of the services provided. Make copies of your summary for your fellow students. You will have five minutes in class to present your summary. D. Career Counseling and Diverse Populations. Each student with a team of two other students will research the career counseling issues relating to one diverse group, which will be selected on the first class. Each team will present their findings to the class, facilitate a class discussion, and prepare a summary sheet for the class that will cite 2-3 recent research articles, summarize critical career issues faced by the assigned group, recommend counseling strategies, list

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