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About Your TextAbout LectureCOURSE REQUIREMENTS AND GRADINGGradingPOLICIES AND EXPECTATIONSPurposeResearch-related ActivitySYLLABUSIntroduction to Educational Psychology (EDF 3210)Fall Semester, 2006Section 1281 Period 4& 5 (T) 10:40- 12:35, 5 (R): 11:45-12:35FAC 213Instructor: Dr. David TherriaultOffice: 1424 Norman HallOffice Hours: Tues 3:00-4:00, Thurs 4:00-5:00, or by appointmentE-mail: [email protected] THE COURSERequired TextEducational Psychology by Robert J. Sternberg and Wendy M. Williams (2002 edition)ISBN: 0-321-01184-8Goals/Course DescriptionThe goal of this course is to help you learn about fundamental themes in Educational Psychology. You will accomplish this goal by talking, reading, and writing about the research presented in your textbook and in class. The course will survey psychological principles in behavioral, developmental, and cognitive areas as they relate to education. Additionally, there will be an emphasis on core areas of research in Cognitive Psychology, including Memory & Attention, Language & Comprehension, and Thinking & Problem Solving. About Your TextYour text is an important learning instrument. The majority of exam questions will be drawn from your text; as such, all material in your text is fair game for exams, unless otherwise specified. This includes information that we may not have covered in lecture or information that was only briefly covered. So, it is important that you thoroughly read all assigned chapters.About LectureIt is not my objective to cover all of the material in the text during lecture. Rather, I will focus on major themes in each chapter. We will use class time to clarify theories presented in the text. In some instances, the lecture will deviate completely from the textbook. Occasionally, in-class demonstrations or videos will be utilized to help illustrate specific aspects of Educational Psychology. Your questions and participation are always welcome during class.1COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND GRADINGGrading will be based on "pop" quizzes and exams. Optional extra-credit may also be available. QuizzesWill be unannounced and given at the beginning of class. There will be a total of 6 quizzes worth 10 points each. Your lowest quiz score will be dropped. The maximum points you can obtain is 50 points. ExamsThere will be four exams. The exams will be a combination of multiple-choice questions, short answer, and essay questions. Each exam is worth 50 points each for atotal of 200 points. Extra Credit You may earn extra credit points by writing a question related to lecture that you can not find the answer to in your text. You may turn in 2 questions, 2 points each, for a maximum 4 points. Questions such as: I don’t understand this concept? are not acceptable and you will not be given any points. If you are not sure that a question is appropriate ask me before you turn it in. GradingSource Points PercentExams (4 @ 50 pts each) 200 80%Quizzes (6 @ 10pts each, one dropped) 50 20%Potential Extra Credit To be determined N/ATOTAL 250 100%Grades Grades will be based on a straight percentage (no +’s or –’s will be assigned): 90 - 100% = A range 80 - 89% = B range70 - 79% = C range 60 - 69% = D range less than 60% = E2POLICIES AND EXPECTATIONSAttendance: It is entirely up to you to attend class or not. If you happen to miss class, it is your responsibility to learn the material covered. I highly recommend that you obtain notesfrom your classmates. I will not give out my lecture notes or repeat a lecture during office hours. Missed Exams: Makeup exams will not be given unless the instructor is notified before the test date and only in light of extreme circumstances (i.e., hospitalization, death in the family). Work or vacations are not acceptable reasons to miss an exam. Documentation is required to be eligible to take a make-up exam and all make-up exams will be strictly essay. Academic Dishonesty:Cheating or plagiarism in any academic setting is unacceptable. According to the University’s Academic Honesty Guidelines ( Plagiarism is defined as: “The attempt torepresent the work of another as the product of one's own thought, whether the work is published or unpublished, or simply the work of a fellow student.” Cheating is defined as: “The improper taking or tendering of any information or material which shall be used to determine academic credit.” Please see the website for procedures that will be followed if cheating or plagiarism is suspected. Upon suspicion of academic dishonesty, you will need to meet with me and the Chair of the Educational Psychology Department to discuss the consequences of your actions. This isn’t a fun meeting for either party, so please don’t put yourself in that position. Accommodating Students with Disabilities:Students requesting classroom accommodation must first register with the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office will provide documentation to the student who must then provide this documentation to the Instructor when requesting accommodation.Course Incompletes:A grade of Incomplete “I” will only be given in extreme circumstances (i.e., illness) and must be pre-approved by the instructor. If approved, a contract will be drawn up with the student specifying assignments and due dates. According to the University, all incomplete work must be completed by the following semester or you will receive a punitive incomplete (i.e., the same as an “E”). 3RESEARCH PARTICIPATION INFORMATIONFOR ED PSYCH 3110, 3210, and 3115 STUDENTSPurposeAt the University of Florida, as at other major universities, the accumulation of new knowledge in the field of educational psychology comes from research conducted by faculty and students. One of the academic objectives of this course is to acquaint studentswith the nature of research activity. This objective is accomplished, in part, by requiring students enrolled in this course either to participate in on-going experiments, (see MethodA) or to make arrangements for another research-related activity (see Method B). If you fail to meet the research participation requirement (through either Method A or B, see descriptions below), you will receive an Incomplete Grade (I) for the course. Your course grade will be unaffected, but you will have to complete the research requirement by midterm of the following semester in which you are enrolled at the University of Florida or

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