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Steps to Study Abroad Workshops 1 Attend one of many study abroad workshops offered each quarter http www evergreen edu advising Workshops advisingworkshops htm 2 Research programs of interest in the catalog and through the website 3 Schedule an appointment with the Coordinator of International Programs to discuss specific interests studyabroad evergreen edu or 360 867 6312 4 Confirm your country of interest is not on the U S State Department Travel Warning list http www travel state gov travel cis pa tw tw tw 1764 html 5 Confirm you are medically permitted to enter the country Some countries restrict entry of persons with HIV SARS TB etc or require clearance tests Academic Programs 1 Determine whether you can realistically participate in the overseas portion of the program Will you do alternative work while here or plan to enroll in another program 2 Complete any in program application and medical forms for the program 3 Adhere closely to any required deadlines for steps in the process 4 Pay all application fees deposits and final payments by the required deadlines 5 Pay close attention to passport visa and immunization requirements 6 Attend all pre departure orientation meetings Approved Partner Programs 1 Know your application deadlines The sooner you apply the more choices you have 2 Complete application on line or using paper forms Bring a copy to the Coordinator for your Evergreen file 3 If your partner program requires an Approval Form bring this to the Coordinator to complete 4 Send official sealed transcripts from Evergreen and other schools Allow two weeks or more for Evergreen transcripts These cost 1 00 a page up to 10 00 5 Obtain and send any required faculty letters of recommendation Faculty sometimes send these directly 6 Visualize your acceptance letter Individual Learning Contracts 1 Formulate your ideas for an academic learning contract through your own research and discussions with faculty academic advisors staff and peers Contracts range from 2

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