Autonomic Nervous System II

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Autonomic Nervous System II

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Bisc 307l - General Physiology
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BISC 307L 1st Edition Lecture 10 Current Lecture  Adrenal Medulla o  Transmitters and Receptors (Traditional View) o These synapses between the pre and post synaptic neurons are in the ganglia o This is the old and accurate view on how the autonomic nervous system works:  In the parasympathetic division the preganglion uses ACh and binds to nicotinic receptors on the postganglion. When ACh binds to receptor there is a permeability change and a channel opens that is permanently open to K+ and Na+ ions and causes a fast EPSP which will generate an AP  The postganglionic neuron when excited also releases ACh but this ACh now binds to muscarinic receptors (which are metabotropic receptors)  In the sympathetic system it is the same as the parasympathetic in the preganglion but in the postganglion the neurotransmitter is Norepinephrine which binds to alpha1 2 beta 1 2 and ARs which are adrenergic  Transmitters and Receptors (Current view) o More accurate view

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