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M o d u l e 3 Pa r t 4 Listening To Face Voice And Body Obj ec t i v e s 1 Learn to understand and listen to non verbal messages 2 Describe the process of defensive listening 3 Build communication skills H a n d ou t s I t e m s N e e de d for t h i s E duc at iona l Se s sion H andout materials for participant workbooks Scrapbooking materials Flipchart and markers Pencils and pens 1 Non Verbal Communications Listening to Face Voice and Body 2 Listening to Non Verbal Communication 3 Watch Your Start Up 4 Take Home Message for This Session Together We Can Creating a Healthy Future for our Family Children Youth Families Communities Michigan State University Extension 2009 Michigan State University Board of Trustees www togetherwecan fcs msue msu edu 111 Listening To Face Voice And Body G e t t i ng Sta rt e d If homework was assigned from a previous lesson please review it with participants Please re introduce yourself and tell us your favorite song to sing with your child one of the best ways to communicate Ac t i v i t y Mini Lecture on Listening and Defensive Listening Prepare a PowerPoint presentation or flip chart containing the following information for the Non Verbal Communications Listening to Face Voice Body handout Remind participants of the information learned in the sessions on positive strokes discounting and active listening In this lesson we are going to look at ways to build on the communication skills we learned in the last lesson In communicating with others it can help to be aware of non verbal messages that others are sending when you are interacting with them and to effectively counteract defensiveness First let s look more deeply at listening H ow would you describe someone s face when he or she is listening to you Are these positive or negative signs How do these signs make you feel Not Listening H ow does a face look when someone is not listening to you How does that make you feel H ow do you think your face looks when you are not listening

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