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FINAL REPORT Project title Assessing new spray technology in technology horticulture and pest management PI Jay F Brunner WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center 1100 North Western Avenue Wenatchee WA ph 509 663 8181 email jfb wsu edu Jim McFerson and Tom Auvil WTFRC Wenatchee WA Don Elfving WSU TFREC Wenatchee WA Gary Grove WSU IAREC Prosser WA Gary van Ee Michigan State University East Lansing MI Co PIs Cooperators Objectives 1 Compare new and conventional application technology for a control of insect and disease pests b horticultural sprays 2 Document the differences between spray delivery methods in terms of active ingredient distribution longevity of residues and economics of operation Significant findings General The experimental PropTec sprayer built by Gary van Ee has provided three years of reliable service in collaborative WSU and WTFRC trials Our access to the sprayer tractor truck and trailer has allowed researchers to apply multiple treatments on large 1acre and small 10 tree plots with a wide range of agrichemicals at numerous trial sites in short time periods over the entire geographic range of tree fruit production in Eastern Washington approx 40 trial sites yr 70 applications yr Our research has validated that new spray application technologies offer significant advantages over conventional airblast sprayers Our results highlight the efficacy and efficiency of new sprayer technologies compared to conventional airblast types they have improved coverage faster spray application and lowered a i per acre Specific design features Positive tower configuration and rotary atomizers deliver even consistent application at rates from 5 400 gpa individual fan control and air velocity permits targeted application and excellent lateral penetration most calibration changes accomplished from the tractor seat in less than 5 minutes hydraulic drive and control on pumps provides precise and robust application dose and delivery rinsing and chemical treatment

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