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Ultrasound in Med BioL Vol 17 No 7 pp 709 714 1991 Printed in the U S A 0301 5629 91 3 00 00 e 1991 Pergamon Press plc OOriginal Contribution THE ULTRASONIC PROPERTIES OF GASTRIC CANCER TISSUES OBTAINED WITH A SCANNING ACOUSTIC MICROSCOPE SYSTEM YOSHIFUMI SAIJO MOTONAO TANAKA HIROAKI OKAWAI a n d FLOYD DUNN Department of Medical Engineering and Cardiology Research Institute for Chest Diseases and Cancer Tohoku University Sendai 980 Japan and Bioacoustics Research Laboratory University of Illinois Urbana IL 61801 USA Received 31 August 1990 in final form 15 March 1991 Abstract A newly developed scanning acoustic microscope SAM system operating in the frequency range of 100 200 MHz has been employed to measure the attenuation and the sound speed of formalin fixed specimens of five different types of gastric cancer Signet ring cell carcinoma specimens exhibit attenuation constant and sound speed values significantly lower than other types of gastric cancer tissues Tubular adenocarcinoma specimens exhibit a trend toward higher attenuation and sound speed values as the cell type become differentiated Our measurements and observations suggest that the ultrasonic properties are influenced by cellular arrangement intercellular junction and intracellular chemical components Key Words Scanning acoustic microscope Gastric cancer Attenuation constant Sound speed Ultrasonic tissue characterization INTRODUCTION The classification of the gastric cancer specimens was done pathologically and found to be papillary adenocarcinoma well differentiated tubular adenocarcinoma moderately differentiated tubular adenocarcinoma poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma and signet ring cell carcinoma The SAM system can display two dimensional distributions of the attenuation constant and the sound speed at the microscopic level Figure 1 is a block diagram of the SAM system The ultrasonic frequency is variable over the range of 100 200 MHz and the beam width is 5 m at 200 MHz to 10 m at 100 MHz at

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