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Module Two Question Selection A Researchable Question z Relevant to practice z Not something you already know the answer to z Specific Good Questions z Save time z Clarify what you re looking for z Get everyone on the same page COPES Question Framework z Client oriented z Practical z Evidence Search Questions Adapted from Gibbs L E 2003 Evidence Based Practice for the Helping Professions A Practical Guide with Integrated Multimedia Pacific Grove CA Brooks Cole Five Question Types z z z z z Effectiveness Prevention Assessment Description Risk HANDOUT 2 EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE WORKSHEET 1 Four Elements z Client type and problem z What you might do z Alternative course of action z What you want to accomplish goal Forming the Question z z z z z How did your need for information arise Describe your clients strengths and problem State generally what you want to know State what you might do differently if you had the answer What type of question is this Forming the Question z z z z z Course of action you re considering What you re currently doing Alternative course of action Intended result or outcome how will you know that what you ve done has worked Complete COPES question HANDOUTS 3 AND 4 EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE COPES BLANK WORKSHEET EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE EXAMPLE WORKSHEET 2

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