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Lin 491 - Special Topics
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LIN 491 1 SS 05 About the final paper Your final paper may be a data analysis or a research paper 6 8 pages at maximum It will count 20 of your course grade Due Monday 05 02 05 Submit your paper copy at the Dept office by 5 00 pm or preferably e mail it to endo msu edu as an MS Word file attachment by midnight Data Dnalysis Use actual conversation data available for copying at the Dept office 6th floor Wells Hall Use as much data as you wish Make it clear which data set and what line you are referring to Make as many linguistically informed observations as possible regarding the words grammar pragmatics and or discourse in the data State why each item is interesting Make comparisons with English and or other languages as well where possible Divide your paper into coherent sections number and label each section e g 1 Introduction 2 Previous studies 3 Data and Analysis 4 Conclusion Read How to Write a Paper in Linguistics below and follow the specifications How to Write a Paper in Linguistics 1 Introduction The objective of writing a research paper is to argue for your POSITION Your paper may consist of a proposal of a new analysis an application of new data to an established theory and or a critical review of past studies Whatever claim you make you must back it up with evidence Be CLEAR CONCISE and COHERENT 3 C s 2 Content and format Three important things in writing a paper in any field are content organization and form in the descending order of importance 2 1 Content First of all you have to have a POINT you want to make Write your paper in such a way that the reader will be convinced that your analysis is better than others or at least that you have an interesting point Clearly distinguish your contributions from those of others When you quote others statements and ideas you must cite the sources with pages where appropriate Be prepared to revise your paper MANY times You will have to keep deciding what is important enough to be included and what has to be cut

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