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From Seattlepi com No escape from helicopter parents Constant hovering can kick up a cloud of troubles By FELIX CARROLL ALBANY TIMES UNION Excuse me but you re hovering You realize that right The media pediatricians psychologists and even the college dean they ve all got you figured out or so they say They re calling you a helicopter parent Get it Because you hover You re a baby boomer right OK then Listen up because this is what they re saying about you You re too obsessed with your children You treat them like little princes and princesses like they re No 1 like they re MVPs You ve painstakingly planned their lives from their first play date to their first day of college Guillermo Munro P I They re your little Renaissance kids You shuttle them from soccer practice to clarinet lessons to karate and because they will be going to a great college to SAT prep class Whoops Speaking of which You re late You inflate their egos You give them graduation ceremonies even when it s just from preschool You give them a trophy at the end of the season even when they lose And by the time they get to college and are asked who their hero is your child will say those words you long to hear My dad My mom Yes helicopter parent your intentions are good but that rotor of yours is causing a din Bring her down to terra firma Let s talk A report on 60 Minutes last fall discussed how the so called echo boomers the children of baby boomers who were born between 1982 and 1995 are over managed and very pressured and treated by their parents as pieces of Baccarat crystal or something that could somehow shatter at any point Indeed Mel Levine a professor of pediatrics at the University of North Carolina Medical School in Chapel Hill says today s children may well shatter He thinks children are being coddled and protected to a degree that threatens their ability later in life to strike off on their own and form healthy relationships and proper job skills These parents are trying to create a really

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