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DELTA SPAN 1 - Class Information Sheet

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San Joaquin Delta CollegeSpanish 1Summer 2006Class information sheetDepartment Number: Spanish 1 Title of Course: Elementary SpanishSection: 65810Lecture Hours: 5 Time: MTWTh 6:00 p.m. to 8:35 p.m.Location: Tracy Learning Center-classroom #126Instructor: Sonia CiccarelliE-mail: [email protected] and objectives:Spanish 1 is designed to develop basic communicative proficiency in listening, reading,speaking and writing. You will actively learn Spanish vocabulary and structures; you willlisten to a great deal of real/life spoken Spanish and will learn cultural information aboutthe different Spanish speaking countries. However, these objectives can only be realizedthrough your active participation, both in and out of the class. Required Materials:- Textbook: Renjilian-Burgy, J. Chiquito A.B and Mraz, S. Caminos. Second edition.Houghton Mifflin Company. 2002.- Activities Manual: Caminos. Second edition. Houghton Mifflin Company. 2002- Caminos. Second edition. Student Audio Program and Expanded Audio Program- Caminos. Second edition. Multimedia CDROM-optionalOptional Material:English Grammar for Students of Spanish by Emily Spinelly.Spanish/English Dictionary.Material Description:Textbook, Caminos. Second edition: For in class use and daily study.Activities Manual with Answer Key: For daily at-home practice to be completed as soon as possible after class. I will collectthe assigned sections of your Manual the day before your chapter exam. You need tocomplete all the activities on a timely manner and correct your own answers with a penor pencil of a different color to get full credit for it. No late assignments will beaccepted. You are allowed to miss one out of the 6 Manual chapters. Student Audio Program: The Audio Program packaged with the textbook provides focused listening practice thatfurther develops pronunciation and speaking skills. These materials are necessary forcompleting the exercises in the Vocabulary sections of the textbook. The program isavailable also as MP3 files on the Caminos student web site. CD-ROM:Use at home if you have access to a computer with a CD drive or on campus. TheCaminos CDROM offers full-motion video clips from the Caminos del Jaguar videoprogram and interactive transcripts, as well as extra practice for each chapter (vocabularyand grammar exercises, and additional opportunities to practice reading, listening andspeaking). Caminos website:Includes; exercises, maps, review quizzes, and links to websites through the Spanishspeaking world. The web site may be accessed through the Houghton and Mifflin site(http://college.hmco). The full address is: How to approach each lesson:1. Always begin with the assigned sections in the Textbook before coming to class.Prepare for them so you can discuss, ask questions and participate.2. After the class review the materials covered and go to the Workbook/LaboratoryManual. Complete all the activities in the assigned section for the day and then goback over them with a different colored pen and correct your work using theAnswer Key. 3. Finally, explore the extra stuff that will make this language fun and interactive –the CD ROM, the Caminos online learning center, other Spanish web sites, etc.Do not forget to print (or e-mail me) your CD-ROM report after completing eachchapter.Evaluation:- Chapter Exam (4 out of 5 x 200 points each) 800 points = 80 %- Class Participation and Quizzes 100 points = 10%- Workbook/Laboratory Manual, and Homework 100 points = 10%Grade Cutoffs:90%-100% = A80%-89% = B70%-79% = C60% to 69% = DBelow 60% = FClass participation Class attendance and regular participation are essential to succeed in this class.Attendance is essential in learning a language! And, remember that, in accordancewith college policy, you can be dropped for “excessive absence” (15 lecturehours).Academic Honesty:According to college policy, if a student is discovered cheating the instructor has theright to file an academic dishonesty report and fail that exam or assignment or eventhe entire course for everyone involved in the incident.Extra Credit:To get extra credit you can email me the ACE self tests that you will find in theCaminos web site at the following web address: You can also choose to do a class presentation on a cultural topic of your choice oryou can watch a movie in Spanish and answer some questions in writing. Ask me forthe assignment if you are interested in doing it.Tips:- Come to class every day and be as well prepared as possible.- Keep up with the exercises in the Workbook Manual. Do all the assigned sectionon a daily basis. Study the corresponding section in your textbook first, then moveon to the exercises in your workbook and do them without referring to the answerkey and, finally, correct your answers against the key using a different color pen.If you do not understand why you got it wrong, mark it and don’t forget to ask mein class.- Don’t hesitate to ask questions in, before, or after class and visit me during officehours.- Make friends with your classmates and exchange phone numbers. LearningSpanish will be more fun and you will have somebody to help you catch up if youhave to miss a class. - Explore radio, television, music, movies, and magazines in Spanish, try to selecttopics that interest you, and enjoy learning a new language.¡Bienvenidos a clase y muy buena suerte!San Joaquin Delta CollegeSpanish 1Summer 2006. Tentative calendarDepartment Number: Spanish 1 Title of Course: Elementary SpanishSection: 65810Lecture Hours: 8Times: MTWTh 6:00 p.m. to 8:35 p.m.Location: Tracy Learning Center-classroom #126Instructor: Mrs. Sonia CiccarelliE-mail: [email protected] 1 Introducción al cursoJunio 5-8 Lección preliminarCapítulo 1. Lección A.Semana 2 Entregar capítulo preliminar del Manual: Lunes 12Junio 12-15 Capítulo 1. Lección BRepaso para examen 1.Examen 1. Jueves 15 de JunioSemana 3 Capítulo 2. Lección A.Junio 19-22 Entregar Capítulo 1 del Manual: Lunes 19Capítulo 2. Lección BCapítulo 2. Repaso y ExamenSemana 4 Entregar capítulo 2 de Manual- Lunes 26Junio 26-29 Examen 2. Lunes 3 de JulioCapítulo 3. Lección ASemana 5 Entregar capítulo 3 del Manual: Lunes 3Julio 3, 5, 6 Capítulo 3. Lección B.Capítulo 3. Repaso y

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